Book Review: Prime Choice by Stephanie Perry Moore (9780758218636)

075821863X.01._SX50_SCLZZZZZZZ_Perry Skky Jr. is in his last year in high school. He’s the star receiver on his football team, the envy of all of his friends, the top college recruiters are scrambling to get him on their team and, most definitely, a virgin. He is working on his relationship with God, but the peer pressure and all that life throws at him is making him question his belief and his choices.

This is a Christian, young adult fiction novel and it pleases me to see a strong adolescent male character who learns from his mistakes and tries to choose the right path. The characters are well developed and believable and Ms. Moore’s story is a pleasure to read. I believe that young adults as well as “older” adults will enjoy this coming of age novel.

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