Book review: Lords of Corruption by Kyle Mills (9781593154998)

ff4849842aa539ffd71bc2d5e4a80b3cWhy was a project manager for New Africa, an obscure charity organization, murdered?

This is one gut-wrenching thriller that seizes you and won’t let go. Josh Hagarty’s past is keeping him from getting his dream job to help his family when suddenly he’s offered an opportunity to work as a project manager for New Africa. However, he finds out his predecessor was murdered and the organization isn’t what it appears to be.

Josh Hagarty has honor, integrity and tenaciousness which he needs in order to survive a formidable enemy who is out to destroy him.

Annika Gritdal is an intelligent, compassionate Norwegian aid worker who wants to protect the people in her small African village from a war-torn region.

J.B. Flannery is a coarse, tell-it-like-it-is journalist who has seen it all and is out to expose New Africa.

Josh teams up with Flannery, and Annika to expose the death and corruption that are running rampant in the region ruled by the formidable President Umboto Mtiti and backed by New Africa’s “CEO” Aleksei Fedorov, a Russian drug smuggler and assassin.

Kyle Mills really knows how to immerse you in a story that takes you through a rough, unkempt, war-torn region of Africa. The suspense is palpable and the characters are sharp and well-defined. A book you will read in one sitting.