Book review: The Divorce Party by Laura Dave (9780143115601)

This book gives “Meet the Parents” a new twist.

Gwyn Huntington has been married 35 years to the day and she’s having a divorce party… for herself.  Her husband Thomas has claimed he is found religion and wants to move on, but she knows the real truth.  What will Thomas do when she reveals her surprise?

Maggie MacKenzie is engaged to Nate Huntington and they are planning to scrape enough money together to open a restaurant.  As if that isn’t enough she is meeting her future in-laws at their divorce party.  She isn’t thrilled.  Even more surprising is that Nate has just told her that he is wealthy.  Unfortunately, Nate has another surprise in store.  Can she forgive and forget?  Can she trust him again?

Georgia is Nate’s very pregnant unwed sister and her wayward boyfriend, Denis, is a no-show at the party.  Will he be there to support Georgia, or will he continue to be the ne’er do well in Georgia’s parents’ eyes?

It is written in Gwyn and Maggie’s words which are full of anger, humor, regret and hope.  It is a good read for everyone and I read that Universal Studios has bought the movie rights.

Thanks to Laura Dave and FSB Associates for sharing her book with me to review.

Book review: Sassy by Gloria Mallette (9780967878935)

This book starts out with a terrifying moment of a woman getting stabbed by a cold blooded mad man named Norris. The suspense continues to build when we see Norris with a completely different personality.  Is he mad or isn’t he?  Sassy thinks he is the one, but events start to happen which cause her to doubt herself.  Sassy has enough on her plate trying to write her next novel and dealing with her brother’s illness, but Norris seems so caring and genuine…

You will be hooked from the first terrifying chapter to the final confrontation.  I loved the characters and the plot, but I thought the author could have come up with a more catchy name.  I don’t feel it was about Sassy in its entirety.

Thank you to Ms. Mallette and her publicist for sharing her book with me to review.

Book review: Making Rounds with Oscar by David Dosa (9781401323233)

Dr. David Dosa was a non-believer.  He didn’t like cats.  He was a dog person.  Oscar can’t know when a person is dying, he’s just one of several strays that lives in a nursing home.  But maybe it’s true…

Oscar not only comforts dying nursing home residents with dementia, but he also touches the lives of the family members who are left behind as well as the staff at the nursing home where he resides.  Dr. Dosa’s book documents his quest to find out about Oscar’s gift by interviewing family members who lost their loved ones on Oscar’s watch.  The book also explains the stages of dementia which is very informative for people who are affected by this debilitating illness.

Thank you to Early Reviewers for the opportunity to review this book.

Book review: She’s My Dad by Iolanthe Woulff (9781432743772)

“She’s My Dad” is Ms. Woulff’s debut novel and it a very unique story about a transgender English professor, Nickie Farrell (aka Nicholas Farrington) who comes back to her alma mater, Windfield College,  to teach.  Little does she know that there are major events that will change her life forever.  Nicholas Colin (“Collie”) Farrell hears a surprising confession from his mother that his father was a former student of Windfield College and not the evil, abusive, bigoted, low-life that she married.  Ambassador Eamon Douglass is a wealthy, psychotic old man who concocts a plot to kill the people at Windfield College by setting off a dirty bomb during a large gathering.

This book is about good over evil, about faith in human beings and about self-discovery and the power of love.  The characters range from evil, hateful human beings to inspiring, loving human beings.  I have worked at a liberal college for many years and have seen the results of  hate crimes from within the college and the community and it saddens me that people are so judgmental and close-minded that they can’t see the wonderful, diverse community in which we belong.  I believe in Ms. Woulff’s characters because I have seen them with my own eyes.  The suspense in this novel will keep you reading and the message it brings will stay with you forever.

Thank you to Ms. Woulff for sending me her book to review.