Book review – Forgiving Troy: A True Story of Murder, Mental Illness, and Recovery by Thom Bierdz (9781615394852)

Thom Bierdz is an actor, artist, author and loving brother who reaches into his own psyche to tell a heart wrenching and raw account of his life that will leave you breathless.

Not only does Thom write about his struggle to understand why his brother murdered his mother, but he writes about his struggles with his religious beliefs, his sexuality, his acting career and his own mental challenges. His writing style is remarkable. You feel like he is sitting right in front of you telling his life story and he leaves nothing out.

A very gripping book that pulled me in from the beginning. I read this book in one sitting and will not forget it. One of the best memoirs I have read in a long time. I look forward to Thom’s return to The Young and the Restless and I hope to see a motion picture soon based on this book.

Also, I want to mention Thom’s striking artwork that is displayed throughout the book. He has a website at that shows more of his work.

Thank you very much to Thom and Bostick Communications for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

Book review: Excuse Me, Miss (EMM Series) by Phillip Thomas Duck (Ebook)

Vicki Frost is a fidelity anthropologist which is a fancy name for a private investigator who investigates cheating husbands. She’s very good at her job and has caught many men red-handed, but she has a dilemma. She has fallen for one of them and she is being threatened by more than just the angry wife.

Vicki’s boss, James Boston, has always had Vicki’s back, but he wants more. Can he help her settle the past and save her from current danger?

This is a sexy suspense short fiction novel that has an interesting premise. Mr. Duck has created a strong, but vulnerable, woman who needs to face her past and get on with her future.

Thank you to Mr. Duck for giving me the opportunity to review his book.

Book review: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (9781416989417)

Nora is a good girl and meets the new, bad guy, Patch. Patch is mysterious and dangerous and appears to be her “guardian” angel. Enter the bad guy, Elliot. The new transfer student who may have been involved in a murder at his previous school. Of course, we can’t forget Nora’s sarcastic best friend Vee who is all about guys and sex.

I found this story similar to the Twilight series minus the vamps and adding fallen angels. Similarities are: Nora and Bella are dull and just plain helpless and Patch and Edward are those mysterious bad boys that love to be in control. I am not a big fan of Twilight, but I like the premise of fallen angels in Hush, Hush and I hoped this book could have been better. The front cover is fabulous, but the content within the covers is not motivating me to go out and get the sequel.