First Lines Friday – May 10, 2019

First Lines Friday

This is a weekly meme hosted by Wandering Words, where you give the first few lines of a book to hook your readers before introducing the book.

Here are my first lines:

For the first year, or thereabouts, after his Scotch mother’s death the successful lawyer Alan Carrington was conscious, among his other feelings, of a kind of vague dread that she might appear as a character in one of his dreams, as, she had often assured him, her mother had come to her. Being the man he was, he resented this feeling as an incongruity. Yet, there was a certain background for the feeling of dread. It had been one of his practical mother’s convictions that such an appearance of her long-dead mother always preceded a disaster in the family.


And the book is… 100 Wild Little Weird Tales selected by Robert Weinberg, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz and Martin H. Greenberg from Across the Gulf by  Henry S. Whitehead.

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Here are the wildest & wooliest stories from Weird Tales, the leader of pulp magazine fantasy from 1923 to 1954. Includes selected stories from H.P. Lovecraft, Florence Crow, Henry S. Whitehead, Seabury Quinn, Jules de Grandin, E. Hoffman Price, & others.

Full story listing:
Across the Gulf – Henry S. Whitehead
Alice and the Allergy – Fritz Leiber
Anton’s Last Dream – Edwin Baird
The Archfiend’s Fingers – Kirk Mashburn
Berenice – Edgar Allan Poe
The Black Madonna – A. W. Wyville
The Black Monk – G. G. Pendarves
The Boat on the Beach – Kadra Maysi
Burnt Things – Robert C. Sandison
Cat’s Cradle – E. W. Tomlinson
The Cavern – Manly Wade Wellman
The Chain – H. Warner Munn
The Church Stove at Raebrudafisk – G. Appleby Terrill
The Closed Door – Harold Ward
Country House – Ewen Whyte
The Cracks of Time – Dorothy Quick
The Cripple – Maurice Level
Cross of Fire – Lester del Rey
Dark Rosaleen – Seabury Quinn
The Death Mist – Captain George H. Daugherty, Jr.
The Disinterment of Venus – Clark Ashton Smith
The Doom That Came to Sarnath – H. P. Lovecraft
Dream Justice – E. W. Mayo
A Dream of Death – Andrew Daw
The Dream of Death – Elwood F. Pierce
Eric Martin’s Nemesis – Jay Wilmer Benjamin
Escape – Paul Ernst
The Extra Passenger – Stephen Grendon
The Feast in the Abbey – Robert Bloch
Fidel Bassin – W. J. Stamper
The Fifth Candle – Cyril Mand
The Finishing Touches – Renier Wyers
A Gipsy Prophecy – Bram Stoker
The Girdle – Joseph McCord
The Gloves – Garnett Radcliffe
The Harbor of Ghosts – M. J. Bardine
The Hate – Wilford Allen
The Haunted Wood of Adoure – Elliot O’Donnell
The Hidden Talent of Artist Bates – Snowden T. Herrick
The High Places – Frances Garfield
His Brother’s Keeper – Captain George Fielding Eliot
The Hunch – Gene Lyle, III
Hypnos – H. P. Lovecraft
I Can’t Wear White – Suzanne Pickett
In the Dark – Ronal Kayser
The Iron Hands of Katzaveere – David Eynon
The Japanese Tea Set – Francis J. O’Neil
The Justice of the Czar – Captain George Fielding Eliot
The Last Drive – Carl Jacobi
The Last Incantation – Clark Ashton Smith
The Last Man – Seabury Quinn
The Last of Mrs. Debrugh – H. Sivia
The Late Mourner – Julius Long
The Man in the Taxi – Leslie Gordon Barnard
The Man Who Was Saved – B. W. Sliney
Masquerade – Mearle Prout
Mr. Bauer and the Atoms – Fritz Leiber
Muggridge’s Aunt – August W. Derleth
Murder Man – Ewen Whyte
Murder Mask – Edgar Daniel Kramer
The Murderer – Murray Leinster
Night and Silence – Maurice Level
The Nightmare Road – Florence Crow
No Eye-Witnesses – Henry S. Whitehead
Nude with a Dagger – John Flanders
The Ocean Ogre – Dana Carroll
Off the Map – Rex Dolphin
On Top – Ralph Allen Lang
One Chance – Ethel Helene Coen
The Other Santa – Thorp McClusky
A Pair of Swords – Carl Jacobi
The Pale Man – Julius Long
Parthenope – Manly Wade Wellman
The Phantom Bus – W. Elwyn Backus
Rendezvous – Richard H. Hart
The Ring – J. M. Fry
The Sealed Casket – Richard F. Searight
The Seeds from Outside – Edmond Hamilton
The Sixth Gargoyle – David Eynon
Soul-Catcher – Robert S. Carr
The Statue – James Causey
The Stranger from Kurdistan – E. Hoffmann Price
Swamp Horror – Will Smith & R. J. Robbins
Take the Z Train – Allison V. Harding
The Teakwood Box – Johns Harrington
These Doth The Lord Hate – Manly Wade Wellman
Thinker – Malcolm Kenneth Murchie
Threshold of Endurance – Betsy Emmons
Top of the World – Tarleton Collier
The Tree of Life – Paul Ernst
The Tryst in the Tomb – M. J. Cain
Under the Eaves – Helen M. Reid
The Unveiling – Alfred I. Tooke
The Violet Death – Gustav Meyrink
A Visitor from Far Away – Loretta Burrough
Warning Wings – Arlton Eadie
What Waits in Darkness – Loretta Burrough
When the Sea Gives Up Its Dead – Robert Peery
The Witch-Baiter – R. Anthony
The Witch-Ball – E. F. Benson

Happy reading!

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