First Lines Friday – October 11, 2019

First Lines Friday

This is a weekly meme hosted by Wandering Words, where you give the first few lines of a book to hook your readers before introducing the book.

Here are my first lines:

Nathan Bethard.
Nathan William Behard.
Nothing would stop him from finding Nathan Bethard. Nothing.
Was it a vendetta? Hell yeah.
Was he insane. Probably.
No matter the obstacle, no matter the resistance–he was certain that he would track the man down.
And only God knew what would happen once he did.

Do you recognize these first lines?

And the book is… Shadow by Maureen A. Miller..


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Sophie Diem’s boss has skipped town, abandoning their counseling firm and taking her investment money with him. As she seeks to rebuild her professional career she is distressed by the appearance of a stranger. The man keeps to the shadows, but he is definitely stalking her. In an attempt to flee him she accepts a job offer…in London. Surely crossing the Atlantic would be enough to deter her Shadow.

Glenn Barber is a desperate man. He sorely wants answers. The man that can supply them has gone missing, though. Now all Glenn can do is go after the next best thing, the man’s former employee, Sophie Diem.

Sophie is shocked to spot her shadow in London. What she learns is that Glenn, the Shadow, is not a stalker, but rather her only protection. As her attraction to Glenn grows, together they conspire to locate her former boss and stop him before he can harm others.

Book 1 in the Blue-Link series was published in 2015 and has a great following and high ratings. Looks like another romantic suspense that will be hard to put down.

Happy reading!

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