First Lines Friday – November 1, 2019

First Lines Friday

This is a weekly meme hosted by Wandering Words, where you give the first few lines of a book to hook your readers before introducing the book.

Here are my first lines:

His mother screamed again. She screamed, sounding like her lungs were going to come out. Eric ran. He flew up the stairs two at a time, something he did only when racing Champ or his dad, trying to beat either of them to his room on the second floor. He couldn’t hear his dad anymore, and that scared him even worse than his mother’s screams. He knew Champ was dead, the faithful gold retriever’s body in the garage entry, a blood-sodden and twisted mess that didn’t resemble his closest friend of five years. Now, instead of a lighthearted race, terror propelled him up the stairs with an unseen hand that both quickened and slowed his movement. He heard the thing roar something that resembled words in the kitchen, and his mother’s screams took on a new pitch, making him want to fall to the floor and clap his hands to his ears. He wanted never to hear anything like it again. But he couldn’t disobey her, not now, not after how her eyes looked. They said, Run away and don’t look back. So he did.

A chilling beginning…

And the book is… The River is Dark by Joe Hart.

The River is Dark

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Ex-homicide detective Liam Dempsey is waiting to die.

His career, the only thing he ever knew how to do well, is over. The single solace each day brings is the ever-growing contemplation of suicide.

But when his estranged brother and sister-in-law are brutally murdered in their bucolic town set on the banks of the Mississippi River, he is drawn into an investigation surrounding a string of killings unlike anything he has ever seen before. The murderer is ruthless, cunning, and without conscience.

Soon Liam learns that the river is dark.

And so are its secrets.

Published in September 2014, book 1 of the Liam Dempsey Series sounds like a good suspense thriller with a twisted killer. It doesn’t phase me, but a warning that this book contains explicit language and violence so beware. 

Happy reading!

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