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The Fifth Doll by Charlie N. Holmberg

From the author of the Paper Magician Series comes a tale about dairymaid, Matrona Vitsin, who lives a dull life in a small village that never changes.  She is betrothed to Feodor Popov, who is not attentive, nor as demonstrative as she feels a husband-to-be should be, and wants more.  In fact, the only person that she feels a kinship with is Jaska, youngest son of the Maysak family.  That kinship will help her through the next few weeks when she finds a strange room full of matryoshka dolls (Russian nesting dolls) in tradesman, Slava Barinov’s home that mysteriously look like each person in the village.  She finds that the dolls hold an evil magic which holds Matrona’s village in limbo and she is the only person who can take the spell away.

This book reads like a folk story and Ms. Holmberg draws you into a new world that intersects with the Russian revolution.  A very unique tale indeed.

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Thank you to Ms. Holmberg, 47North Publishing, and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book.