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Roomies by Christina Lauren

Holland Bakker was a stalker.  Not the scary type, but the music enthusiast type.  She took the long way to work every day just to see the subway musician play his guitar with lovely abandon until a homeless man pushes Holland onto the subway tracks and changes her life forever.

Calvin McLoughlin is a Julliard graduate from Ireland with an expired visa playing guitar in the subway and in various unknown bands in New York.  He is in America illegally and calls the police anonymously to help the beautiful young woman who fell on the tracks.

Fate brings Holland and Calvin together to help Holland’s uncle, Robert, who needs a musician fast to save his show.  What can be done to keep Calvin in America legally for the job of his dreams?  Holland owes Robert for giving her a job and how bad would it be to be married to Calvin, the man in her dreams?

This is not just another romance novel and believe me, I have read my share of them.  The story is unique, the characters are diverse and believable, and it is told without the saccharin and obnoxious love words found in other romances.  And I would like to add that the humor is subtle, but very effective.

Thank you to Ms. Lauren, Gallery Books and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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