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Star in the Shadows by Helen Buckley

Stars in the Shadows


The world thinks that pop superstar Kiara Anderson has it all, but she spends her nights drinking away memories of her childhood and life as a teen runaway.

The Jacobs family are desperate to see the girl next door again and discover why she ran away, especially their son Shane, who blames himself for her disappearance.

When Kiara’s manager forces her into a reveal-all TV interview she knows the family she loved more than her own will finally discover the truth.

Can she overcome her demons or will the shadows of the past rob her of fame, fortune, and a chance to finally fall in love?


I chose this book due to the teen runaway to pop superstar theme.  Little did I know there would be so much heartbreak and tragedy in between.

When a seventeen-year-old girl runs away from a traumatic experience, her new life choices spiral out of control leaving the family who took her in and who she left behind to help pick up the pieces. 

She never felt safe anymore, anywhere. At night she would lay down and a sense of dread would creep into her heart, and the only way she could find peace was to keep sipping from a bottle till her racing thoughts came to a shuddering stop and the world fell away. She couldn’t imagine what the Jacobs would think of her now.

Kiara’s life is miserable. Her father is a drunk and the kids at school call her trash. The only light in her life is the Jacobs family, especially Shane who has protected and stood by her from the beginning. Then, the shame of a devastating event forces her to run away from the only love she knew. Will she be able to live with her secrets?

Ms. Buckley gives us extraordinary characters in unbelievably disturbing and tragic detail. Kiara’s strength and determination to survive a life of poverty and abuse by pursuing her love of music is notable, and the love and support of the incredible Jacobs family is refreshing and heartwarming.

The book is written as a count down between Kiara and the Jacobs family leading up to Kiara’s running away, her survival in a big city, her rise to fame, and her fall from grace. It is a story you can’t put down.

Thank you to Ms. Buckley for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectation of positive review.


Star in the Shadows

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Helen BuckleyHelen has spent over thirteen years working and volunteering for charities in the UK and abroad, including four years in Honduras. She currently works as a charity communications manager and lives in Bedfordshire with her husband and son.

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