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Ionic Attraction by D.R. Rosensteel

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Zach’s got a secret. The only reason he’s agreed to an internship at the Mastermind Complex, a high-tech academy for teens, is to use their supercomputer to find the person who framed him. He never stole anything but was locked up in juvie anyway. Now he’s out, he’s got a plan, and nothing will get in his way…not even the girl he’s been partnered with, who excels at proving opposites attract.

Jane’s got a secret. She was the informant who led to Zach’s arrest. Did she mean for that to happen? No way. And now she has to work with him to save the world. Because an “internship” at the Mastermind Complex is actually a program to train super-geniuses as soldiers in a war of the minds. Zach’s and Jane’s intellectual skills complement each other, making them an unbeatable pair.

She can’t resist their ionic attraction, but if he ever discovers the truth, she’ll lose him forever. And worse, breaking their partnership would mean sacrificing all the innocent lives depending on them.

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A fascinating scientifically romantic mystery about teen geniuses trying to save the world from a mass murderer.

Zach was sent to and tortured at a juvenile detention center for a crime he did not commit. When he is let out early to work with his two brothers at the top-secret Mastermind Complex for teen geniuses, he has two goals: to make his mom proud and to get revenge on the person who set him up.

Jane was orphaned as a toddler and adopted by Mr. Parker. Ever since she was kidnapped and tortured for top-secret information by a boy she thought she liked, her father has treated her differently. It’s even worse now because she wants to bring Zach in to help get intel and dismantle a machine made to destroy a city.  Zach, the genius…the boy she betrayed.

Jane and Zach are very intelligent young adults who have to learn to trust again and make their families proud of them again after tragic events that happened by no fault of their own.  Told in their voices, the story set in the fictitious city of Quantum City, Illinois, begins with Zach getting out of juvie and being thrown into a dynamic plot filled with talking supercomputers, synthetics (robots with human-like qualities), hovervaters (an elevator that’s a hovercraft), and holograms.

Though there is a lot of scientific terms interspersed throughout the story, the author does a great job explaining them in layman’s terms. Watching The Big Bang Theory and other sci-fi movies certainly kept me ahead of the learning curve.

Overall, I found this to be an energizing and enjoyable read, and recommend it highly!

Thank you to Mr. Rosensteel for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Ionic Attraction

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D.R. RosensteelD. R. Rosensteel is a research consultant who had no intention of writing anything but technical papers describing his theories of metaphysical psychometry. But when a hoodied teen showed him a device that turned her thoughts into weapons, and told him about a secret society of protectors who trained her in their underground Academy, he knew her story had to be written. Rosensteel has put his research on hold to document the adventures of a girl whose face he’s never seen and whose real name he’ll never know.

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