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The Bridesmaid by Vic P. Victory


May I introduce Emma to you?

Emma, early thirties, dependable magnet for mishaps, “screw-ups”, and small to medium catastrophes, trusting victim of womanizers, and a newly minted frustrated single. Nachos with cheese sauce, frozen chocolate tarts, family packs of vanilla ice cream, a little too much red wine, and a gigantic serving of self-pity are helping her drown her misery.

When her friend Olga chooses Emma to be her bridesmaid amidst her own personal crisis, she would rather burst into flames. After an initial period of stagnation, she begins to accept the task thrust upon her and fully dedicates herself to project “Wedding”.

If only it wasn’t for the bride, who slowly mutates into a self-righteous, megalomaniac, obsessed with perfection and allergic to any well-meant criticism. In other words, a bridezilla. Despite Olga’s unrealistic expectations and unabashed fits of rage, Emma resists the thought of a jumbo-sized Kentucky fried chicken bucket, straightens her 3-buttons-blouse, pulls herself up, has another sip of red wine, and charges into the fight to save a wedding and a friendship.


And the bitch prize for the most ungrateful and most despicable bridezilla on the planet goes to Olga!  

Emma is the accident-prone, beautiful, poor-put-upon bridesmaid who is ordered to do this and change that for the demanding and unapologetic bride-to-be. I give Emma credit for holding her tongue and making sure Olga’s day is a happy one, but if it were me, I would have walked out long before that.  Emma is a good person with a great sense of humor and can speak her mind when she is provoked.  Let’s just say her memory of an elephant pays off in the end.

Olga, the bridezilla who treats everyone like dirt, deserves every bad thing that happens to her. When her friends call her the Princess of Darkness behind her back, that pretty much says it all.  Olga’s fiance, Marcel, is a saint and though I dislike his parents Horst and Elke, who are haughty and nasty in their own right, I have to agree with them that Olga is all wrong for their son. And let’s talk about Olga’s questionable motherly instincts. She treats poor Mischa (conceived by a one-night-stand that comes back to bite her) like a nuisance most of the time. In fact, Marcel seems to care more for that child than his own mother does.

As for Paul, he and Emma are great friends who just need to admit their feelings for each other and be happy.  I love their chemistry and playfulness with each other.  Paul is the level-headed man Emma needs and not those cheating jerks she ends up with.  

My favorite character is Marie, Emma, and Olga’s friend, and godmother to Olga’s son. She is direct, and along with Paul, has the common sense and good judgment to tell Olga the cold hard truth about her unacceptable behavior to her friends and her family.  Marie is also an awesome and supportive friend to Emma.

Overall, this is a LOL testament to true friendship and dedication when a sane person would have given up a long time ago. If you like chick-lit filled with bridezillas, hilarious and shocking antics, and a little bit of romance, give this book a try.

Thank you to Ms. Victory for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


The Bridesmaid


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