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Dr. Glass by Louise Worthington

Dr. Glass


Clinical psychologist Dr Emma-Jane Glass falls for her captor when the roles of client and therapist are reversed in a psychologically layered story of revenge and grief. Is it a case of Stockholm Syndrome, or something else?

When Dr Emma-Jane Glass’ interview on local radio is deemed to be sympathetic towards a mother’s actions to kill herself and young child, Drew Rogers hatches a plan to teach the psychologist a thing or two about being left behind as a spouse. Abducted and held captive in an empty property, Dr Glass swaps places in the psychologist’s chair.
Drew puts the motivation of his wife’s actions down to his extra-marital affairs, but then the sordid truth behind his family’s disappearance is revealed.

Hard-hitting and emotional, Dr Glass is the first novel in the Glass Minds Series from the author of Rachel’s Garden, The Entrepreneur, Willow Weeps and Rosie Shadow.


This is a very dark psychological thriller where a psychologist is kidnapped and suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. A messed-up scenario if there ever was one.

Dr. Emma-Jane Glass is a workaholic with no personal life. Her only friend, Lucy, a nutritionist, shares office space with her. After writing a controversial article about maternal filicide, Emma-Jane’s life will never be the same as hate letters appear and she is kidnapped, starved, and terrorized by an unstable patient. A patient she comes to empathize with as he cuts himself to deal with the tragic loss of his wife and son and shows Emma-Jane the father left behind and what it’s like to be a victim of maternal filicide.

The story is slow to build as the characters are introduced, but when Emma-Jane is kidnapped I couldn’t put the book down. The author’s bleak descriptions of Emma-Jane’s fear and empathy for her captor are intense and watching the mental anguish of a man on the edge is shocking and jarring. There is a strange and unsettling intimacy between the two that holds the reader captive. Ms. Worthington does an excellent job placing the reader in the minds of a kidnapper and a victim.

As a side story, Lucy dates Emma-Jane’s handsome millionaire client only to find out that he isn’t who she thought he was. In addition, Lucy feels responsible for a client’s death by squashing. Something I had never heard of. It is a sexual act that involves a large person jumping or falling onto the partner, therefore crushing that person with their immensity. Lucy reluctantly helped her client’s girlfriend gain weight to keep her man satisfied and he was smothered to death.  If that isn’t enough, Lucy realizes that Emma-Jane is missing and does some detective work to track her down.

Overall, this is a gripping and disturbing story with well-developed characters and a mind-blowing plot filled with very real triggers including depression, cutting, suicide, squashing, kidnapping, and filicide. 

Thank you to Ms. Worthington for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Dr Glass

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Louise WorthingtonLouise is the author of the psychological thrillers Rachel’s Garden, Willow Weeps, the Entrepreneur, and the horror novel, Rosie Shadow, book one in the Black Tongue Series.

Born in Cheshire, England, Louise studied literature at the University of Essex. As a teenager she read until the small hours, enjoying the darker worlds conjured by Stephen King and Daphne du Maurier.

When Louise isn’t reading or writing, you’ll most likely find her outside enjoying the Shropshire countryside with her husband or messing about with her daughter, and furry and feathered friends.

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