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Paulie Zahn Vampire Huntress (The Purloined Pint Series Book 2) by E.M. Sørensen

Publication Day: 24 June 2018
Pages: 368
Category: Fiction, Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal, Vampires, Series


The last thing Sgt. Paulie Zahn expects when she wakes up in a strange hospital is to be told that a Rogue Vampire bit her.

Worse, she must cope with the inexplicable changes her body’s going through she’s stronger, faster, and she feels and senses things she never believed to be possible. Her mentor, Eddie Vangh, has been a Vampire since World War II. He wants to teach her how to live by the code of his clan, which includes not directly feeding off human beings.

Caught in between two worlds, not fully human and not completely vampire, Paulie must navigate the inner-workings and conflicts among the different Vampire groups–including figuring out the plan the Council of Elders has in store for her. But the Rogue Vampires aren’t done with her yet, and she must use all her wit and skill to help take them down.

Paulie Zahn may not have fangs, but her bite is as deadly as they come.


This is book 2 in the series and I have not read book 1.  Paulie Zahn is a very competent woman who is a tenacious and capable Army Sergeant for the Maintenance and Repair unit and awarded a Purple Heart, Air Medal for valor, and a Distinguished Flying Cross.  Until that night in November when she is bitten by a Rogue Vampire and her life changed forever.

Sørensen’s depictions of military life and the inner workings of Newmark Industries’ family of Vampires, Damphires and Norms is detailed and engaging.  However, the story is a bit verbose and repetitive, for example when Paulie repeatedly expounds how she loves her new family, etc., etc.   The story starts out fast and then slows a bit in the middle, but it picks up and carries the reader through Paulie’s suspense-filled journey into a new perilous and paranormal world.  If you like badass vampires, give this one a try.


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2c6cff60cbac2e8ceb370f4ee4921fb5ABOUT THE AUTHOR

EM Sorensen served in the Army in an intelligence section, but he was also a Steel Salesman, Car Salesman, Car Mechanic (Porsche factory trained), worked in Race Car preparation and engine development, Real Estate sales (that was a bust) and as a Private Investigator.

And he doesn’t plan to slow down.

Spending his early years in Stamford Conn High School in Lower Merion, PS, he then attended Penn State, Wesley College, and Drexel University–yep, been tossed out of some of the best.

He moved to Southern California about 40 years ago and started writing a little over three years ago. It took him two and a half years to finish The Purloined Pint and it sat around for another 6 months before he got the nerve to publish it. His second book, Paulie Zahn Vampire Huntress, only took 4 months.

EM Sorensen lives in San Diego with his wife who is a lawyer and their two dogs, Hannah a German Shepherd, and Penny an English Cream Golden Retriever.

You might find the author riding his 2012 Harley which he’s extensively modified himself. He has a small collection of pistols, rifles, and shotguns, and to round it all out, he owns a 450-bottle wine collection.


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