Whale Talk by Chris Cutcher
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Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher

I started my book review blog in 2009 and I have read so many outstanding books that I wanted to share them again with my followers on #SegueSaturday. I first posted this review in September 2009. The review may be short, but my first Cutcher novel made me a life-long fan. Enjoy!


I learned in grade school that the color of a person’s skin has to do only with where their way-long-ago ancestors originated, my mind tells me all racists are either ignorant or so down on themselves they need somebody to be better than. Most of the time telling myself that works. Once in a while, my gut pulls rank on my mind, and I’m compelled to get ugly.

The Tao Jones (T.J.) is half Japanese, half Black, is adopted, and he lives in a town with bigots and ne’r do wells. However, he tries to make the best of it by finding friends where he least expects it and he has wonderful parents who support his political and moral beliefs.

This YA fiction novel explores a young man’s experience with racism, mental illness and child abuse in a way you will never forget. A truly inspirational book!


Whale Talk

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Chris CutcherChris Crutcher grew up in Cascade, Idaho, and now lives in Spokane, Washington. He is the critically acclaimed author of six novels and a collection of short stories for teenagers, all chosen as ALA Best Books. In 2000, he was awarded the American Library Association’s Margaret A. Edwards Award, honoring his lifetime contribution in writing for teens. Drawing on his experience as an athlete, teacher, family therapist, and child protection specialist, he unflinchingly writes about real and often-ignored issues that face teenagers today.


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