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Lion’s Pride by Debbie Jordan

I started my book review blog in 2009 and I have read so many outstanding books that I wanted to share them again with my followers on #SegueSaturday.  I first posted this review in July 2010.  I was intrigued about reading a western again and Ms. Jordan’s story didn’t disappoint.



It’s been a long time since I have read a great Western and Lion’s Pride fills the void.

Sheriff Paco Alaniz is investigating the murder of Don Santiago Castillo de Leon who is a wealthy and cruel landowner in Arizona with lots of enemies.  The Don’s wife Dona Margarita is now free of his abuse which Father Ramon (who is in love with Dona Margarita ) has kept secret for many years.  Will Father Ramon’s guilt tear him apart?

Some of the renegade Mormon polygamists, headed by Prosper Hanson, are rebelling and Prosper’s enemy, Jacob Strong, has returned the same day of the Don’s murder to take something that belongs to Prosper.  Will Jacob find out the secrets that his wife and former love have hidden from him for years?  Will Prosper follow through with his threats?

Will Sheriff Alaniz find the murderer before the rogue mountain lion does it for him?

This story captures you from the start with the well-developed characters and the great Western theme.

Thank you to Ms. Jordan and PR by the Book for giving me the opportunity to review this book.


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Debbie JordanAfter quitting full-time work at a young age because of illness, Debbie Jordan has remained active as a writer. By observing and studying on her own, Jordan developed many creative ideas about how the world could be, should be. She finally began to write about these things, first in novels beginning in the 1980s, and since 2000, in articles, columns, and her blog.

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