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The Kilwade Tragedy by Terry Keys

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Terry Keys, USA Today bestselling author of Lie No More and The Missing pens his most captivating book to date. This is the heart-breaking story about a small-town boy who’d taken everything from everyone until he could take no more.

Seventeen-year-old Blaze Planter is a Jr. at Kilwade, High School.
His parents have recently divorced.
His grades are slipping.
His anger is growing with each day.
Relationships with his closest friends are failing.
Secrets about his life are being uncovered.
No one understands what he is going through.
And everyone who has betrayed him needs to be taught a lesson.
So now he stands with the one friend that has never betrayed him.
The one friend that does what he asks every time he squeezes the trigger.
The only friend that he can depend on.
Tragedies don’t just happen. The signs are simply overlooked every day until it’s too late.

After the read be sure to review the author’s note where resources for additional help are listed. There are also discussion questions to generate conversation & get adults and student’s talking.

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Originally, I’d planned on ending everything next week. But I can’t take another week. Another week of lies, another week of rejection. Another week of being kicked around. Another week of arguing with Stephanie.

According to Guns and America’s May 2019 report based on statistics from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s K-12 School Shooting Database, 77 is the average number of days between school shootings and it is decreasing. 2018 tied with 2012 as one of the two deadliest years where 29 people were killed. 

Mr. Keys’ tragic and frightening story about Blaze’s life spiraling out of control is a glimpse into the mind of a high school shooter leading up to a mass shooting in Texas. It also includes the hard truths of why didn’t anyone help him before it was too late be it fear or guilt, peer pressure or ignorance. 

The characters and events are very realistic. Blake’s despair is heartbreaking and watching his life get even more dire as time passes is hard to read, but regrettably, this could happen to anyone.

The author has done his research thoroughly. At the end of the book he lists questions, links, and suggests ways to help someone you may think needs help.

Overall, this is a terrifying book to read because it tackles the harshness of reality that hits close to home for many of us. Take action. Read this book and heed the signs of people around you. You may just prevent another tragedy from happening.

Thank you to Ms. Keys for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


The Kilwade Tragedy

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Terry KeysTerry Keys is an award-winning novelist, songwriter, and poet. He writes for and works as a project manager in the oil and gas industry. A native of Rosharon, Texas, Keys spends his free time hunting, fishing, and working out. He lives in Dickinson, Texas, with his wife and two children. Please visit his website, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook.

2017 NIEA award winner for Chained Guilt.

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“Honestly man, I can’t see two hours ahead right now, bro. This really hurts.”

“You listen to me. You’re going to be the best man in my wedding you hear me? And I’m going to be the best man in yours. And next year were going to Hawaii just like we talked about. The next year we’ll do our U.S road trip – none of this stupid high school shit changes any of that. You hear me?”

Blaze held his head down. He shook as he cried. Mark put his arms around him and fought back tears himself.

“You promise me that you’re not leaving me with these jerks, Blaze. I been watching Dr. Phil I know how this works.”

He smiled a little at the Dr. Phil joke but still said nothing. He just cried harder.
“I said, promise me.”

Blaze nodded in agreement.

“One hour at a time, one day at a time. All this is temporary. The only thing permanent is me and you, bro,” Mark said.

His heart was beating even faster now. “There’s one more thing – I need to tell someone.”