#BookReview: Writer, Seeker, Killer by Ryan Starbloak #science fiction #psychologicalthriller

Sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review

Published 09.18.2017 by Freckles Over Scars / Psychological Thriller/ Kindle format / 101pp / B075R7DX5R


Hinanya Ven has but one interest in this life, and that to know what lies beyond it. This great question has enveloped her into a deranged obsession, a death wish. Her search takes her back to her childhood home of New Orleans, where she returns after a six-year absence following her family’s permanent retreat from the city in the unanticipated catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina.

In the course of her journey, she, through inexplicable circumstances, appropriates a pistol identical to the make, model, and serial number her friend had used to commit suicide several months prior to her arrival in New Orleans. Balancing her own suicidal thoughts, Hinanya finds meaning in becoming a graffiti artist, a writer, amid the New Orleans nightscape. When she takes the mantle of writer, she is better. Continue reading “#BookReview: Writer, Seeker, Killer by Ryan Starbloak #science fiction #psychologicalthriller”

#BookReview: Saving Me by Sadie Allen @writersadie #SavingMe #YA

Most of us are imprisoned by something. We’re living in darkness until something flips on the switch.   -Wynonna Judd


On the outside, I look like the All-American teenage dream. I’m pretty, popular, and athletic. I have the right family, the right boyfriend, the right kind of friends. If you only knew…

Every day I die a little on the inside. I’m drowning in everyone’s expectations and opinions. I can never be myself. I’m never free. I feel the weight of it all pulling me under.

If I can’t find freedom in life…

I guess I’ll find it in death.


Ally is tired.  “Tired of life.  Tired of being used and abused”.  When she thought she had the solution, Sterling saved her.  Her life starts turning around.  Her controlling, narcissistic father is gone, she breaks up with her “douchebag” boyfriend, her so-called girlfriends are gone, she no longer has to watch her weight and live and breath track anymore, and who knew she would love theatre and become the lead in the school musical.  But most of all, she has a purpose in her life, she is loved, she matters, and “she is reason enough to stay”. Continue reading “#BookReview: Saving Me by Sadie Allen @writersadie #SavingMe #YA”

Book review: Saving June by Hannah Harrington (9780373210244)

To believe so concretely that there’s someone–something–out there watching guard, keeping us safe, testing us only with what we can handle.  I’ve never believed in anything the way Aunt Helen believes in God.

Harper has lost her sister, June, to suicide.  Her big sister, the golden one, the one that did no wrong, as opposed to Harper, the rebel, the misfit.  Why did June do it?  She didn’t leave a note, but she left notebooks with stories about California.  Harper’s parents were divorced and not coping well and Harper wanted to give June her wish of going to California, so she devises a plan with her best friend, Laney.  The problem is Harper only has a driver’s permit and Laney’s car is toast.  Enter Jake.  He seemed angry the first time Harper met him at June’s funeral, so why would he give them a ride to California?   He says that he and June were friends, but was that all?

This is a coming of age story of three young lives who discover the beauty of living.  Harper discovers the truth about herself and about her sister, Laney discovers that there are consequences to her behavior and Jake discovers that he should strive for his dreams.  I liked the trip they took and the people they met on the way.  You don’t want to miss a second.

Thank you to Ms. Harrington, Harlequin and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book.