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Saving Me by Sadie Allen

Most of us are imprisoned by something. We’re living in darkness until something flips on the switch.   -Wynonna Judd


On the outside, I look like the All-American teenage dream. I’m pretty, popular, and athletic. I have the right family, the right boyfriend, the right kind of friends. If you only knew…

Every day I die a little on the inside. I’m drowning in everyone’s expectations and opinions. I can never be myself. I’m never free. I feel the weight of it all pulling me under.

If I can’t find freedom in life…

I guess I’ll find it in death.


Ally is tired.  “Tired of life.  Tired of being used and abused”.  When she thought she had the solution, Sterling saved her.  Her life starts turning around.  Her controlling, narcissistic father is gone, she breaks up with her “douchebag” boyfriend, her so-called girlfriends are gone, she no longer has to watch her weight and live and breath track anymore, and who knew she would love theatre and become the lead in the school musical.  But most of all, she has a purpose in her life, she is loved, she matters, and “she is reason enough to stay”.

I love a lot of things about this book.  The characters are well-developed and the subject matter is real.  Allen brings the teenage years to life with serious teen situations such as depression, love and self-preservation.  As one who was in theatre in high school, I love the references to music and movies as well as the musical Grease which was a big part of my life as a teen.  I also enjoyed the strong supporting roles of Blake and Elodie.

In addition, Allen lists contacts for organizations if you know someone who is struggling with depression.  Her message rings true, “We don’t know what battle someone is fighting today, so be kind.  Always be kind.”

Thank you to Ms. Allen for giving me an opportunity to voluntarily review her book provided to me for free.




sadieallenSadie Allen lives in Texas with her husband and three small children. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, catching up on her favorite shows, or chasing her family around the house.