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Reverse Pass (Plays & Penalties #4) by Maggie Rawdon


He’s the star wide receiver and the most wanted player on campus.
He has it all—the body, the voice, the charm and the dimples.
Plus he flirts constantly and cooks dinner shirtless in my kitchen.

There’s just one problem—he’s my best friend’s younger brother.

She sent him to live with me so I can help him get his life back in order.
Which makes him off limits in every way possible.

But now we share a wall and secrets.
Like the confession he makes after he accidentally walks in on me one night.

I’m usually so good with women that my teammates come to me for advice.
But they don’t know my secret. They don’t know about her.
The one woman I want—the one I can’t stop thinking about—barely knows I exist.

Until everything goes wrong, and I land on her doorstep.
The worst day of my life might just turn out to be my luckiest.

Because she’s fresh off a broken engagement—single for the first time in forever.
And she can’t keep her eyes off of me.
I just need to convince her I’m worth breaking the rules.

Reverse Pass


Holy smokes! I want a reading buddy like Ben. Again, I’m late to the game with a sexy hot series and I definitely plan to go back and read the previous books. Ms. Rawdon has been added to my favorite author list.

This image of her is going to ruin me. It is going to be on repeat in my head for eternity.

Due to bad decisions and a big sacrifice for his team, Ben is temporarily suspended from the team and out of housing. Who saves the day? His sister’s best friend, and his long-time crush. Ben is so adorable. He has been crushing on Violet since he was 12 years old. Watching him flirt with her and challenge her resistance at every move is sweet and exciting as he slowly wears down her resolve. Not that she fights too hard. After all, who can resist such a virile, and charming man who cooks, provides treats, and is hopelessly devoted to Violet?

The growing jealousy I have over him makes me nervous, like maybe there’s more to our friends with benefits situation than I want to admit to him or myself.

Violet hasn’t seen Nora’s little brother Ben since he was a gangly kid, so she doesn’t hesitate to let him stay with her. Big mistake. Ben is no longer a boy. He is an irresistible hunky man who is extremely off-limits. Ben is not at all what she expected and Violet is instantly attracted to him. However, nothing can happen between them. He’s her best friend’s baby brother whom she is supposed to be helping out, not fantasizing about him. Not to mention, she doesn’t have the best record with men. But fate is a funny thing and she needs to stop lying to herself.

Ben really steals the show with his sexy sense of humor, his patience, and his slow, careful pursuit of Violet. The player-turned-romantic theme is a keeper and the whole romance book research seduction scene…Yum!!! Ben has it bad for her and my heart ached for him when she kept making bad decisions. His desperation is so evident when he thinks he’s scaring her off with his honesty and attraction, but he doesn’t push and gives her space. Violet’s thoughts and hesitations are understandable as well as her fears and insecurities, but the chemistry is undeniable as they reminisce as old friends and slowly connect on a deeper level as lovers. But then the author makes it more interesting when Violet’s douchebag ex comes back to claim her again. Don’t worry. Love prevails as Violet finally faces her feelings and there is a memorable HEA.

As supporting characters go, Violet’s fabulous friend and roommate, Joss, has an excellent way with words that had me ROFL. She’s Team Ben the whole way and calls Violet out on her bullshit. I want to see Joss find her equal. It’s sure to be an exhilarating ride! 

I highly recommend this superbly written sweet steamy romance with an ideal book boyfriend who loves with all his heart and the woman of his dreams who falls for her destiny. Book 1 of the series, here I come!

Thank you to Ms. Rawdon for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.

Plays and Penalties Series:

1. Play Fake (2022)
2. Delay of Game (2022)
3. Personal Foul (2023)
4. Reverse Pass (2023)


Reverse Pass

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Maggie RawdonMaggie loves books, travel and wandering through museums. She lives in the Midwest where you can find her writing on her laptop with her two pups at her side, in between binge watching epic historical and fantasy dramas and cheering for her favorite American (and European) football teams on the weekends. She loves writing dirty athletes and smart women and has a soft spot for writing characters who banter instead of flirt.

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