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Beautiful Liar (Dark Desires #1) by Zara Cox


People call me many things: CEO, billionaire, bastard. Q.

I love women. I love sex. I love money. I love hot, wild nights with no promise of a future, because a future is one thing I don’t have. I’m twenty-eight years old. I won’t live to see thirty, and I don’t care. Or I didn’t, until her.

Nobody plans for a life like this. Some of us just end up here.

They call me Lucky, though luck has never been on my side. Before I met Q, my life was a big, twisted mess. Never enough money, never anyone to trust. No way out. With Q, the shame and fear disappear. Instead I feel pure pleasure, and that’s something I’ve never had before. But if what I’ve just learned is true, we’d better enjoy every second together while we can…before our time runs out.


This book was recommended by a favorite author and holy cow, it’s one of the best dark and dangerous romances I’ve read in a long time. The secrets are damaging and perilous. The attraction is carnal and duplicitous. The deal is regrettable.

Q owns her. Quinn wants her. Lucky needs the money. Elyse is in love with two men. Their demons consume them. Their dirty, filthy attraction confuses them. It’s heading for a dangerous collision that they will not be able to recover from.

Elyse “Lucky” Gilbert is desperate and will do anything, even become a whore for a stranger, for one million dollars. The money isn’t for her. It’s a bribe for a vile man who has ruined her life, but who will not find who she is hiding. So she makes a deal with the devil she names Q. She is intrigued by his need to wear a mask to hide his identity. But she suspects that’s not the only thing he is hiding. 

Quinn Blackwood is a billionaire who has a plan that will destroy lives including his own. His plan includes Lucky who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is collateral damage. But he never expected to feel something for the beautiful and stubborn woman. Will she ever forgive him for her unfortunate fate in his plan to destroy the people who killed his mother?

Quinn and Lucky are certainly hiding a lot of emotional baggage from each other. Their stories are very tragic and messed up and it’s no wonder they trust no one. They are survivors that truly deserve happiness. 

I recommend this complex and dark romance with dual roles, masked BDSM, and tortured souls. Yum!



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Zara Cox has been writing since she was thirteen years old, but it wasn’t until seven years ago that she decided to share her love of writing sexy, gritty stories with anyone besides her close family (the over 18s anyway!). Her best-selling Indigo Lounge Series is Zara’s first step in her erotic romance-writing journey. In 2015 she hopes to bring her readers even more sizzling-hot stories featuring panty-melting alpha heroes and the women who rock their world. She’s also working on an entirely new super-hot series, so watch this space and keep in touch! She’d love to hear your thoughts.

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