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The Ticklemore Tattler by Liz Davies

The Ticklemore Tattler


Sometimes you have to write your own future…

The life of former journalist Juliette Seymour has been quiet and unassuming. Up until now, she’s been concentrating on running the local newspaper and raising her daughter.

But all that is about to change when Juliette is informed that the Ticklemore Tattler is to fold and that she’ll be out of a job. She begins to wonder whether she can buy the newspaper and try to make a go of it herself.

Aware that she needs some advice she contacts Oliver Pascoe, little knowing that when her old colleague re-enters her life, his help isn’t the only thing she wants him for!

As she begins to fall in love, however, what she doesn’t realise is that Oliver has something he’s keeping from her.


I became a big fan of Liz Davies after reading The Summer of Going Topless last year so I was excited to delve into another romantic story that warmed my heart, made me laugh, and had me captivated to the end.

Juliette Seymour poured her life and soul into the local newspaper, The Ticklemore Tattler, and in an instant, it was being taken away from her. Ralph Trudge-Smythe, the wealthy and pompous son of the newspaper’s original owner, is cutting costs, and guess who is first on the chopping block? As a single mother who is dealing with a bit of empty nest syndrome, she feels out of her league dealing with Mr. Trudge-Smythe, so she gathers the nerve to contact an old colleague she worked with in London, Oliver Pascoe. Little did she know she would be so attracted to the handsome journalist-cum-writer and to count on his good advice and support. After the mess she got herself into with her daughter’s father so many years ago, she never thought she could feel anything for a man again.

Oliver was surprised to hear from the lovely and intriguing Juliette asking for his advice on how to keep her job and trying to obtain her local newspaper. He gladly accepts the challenge even though the deadline for his next biography on a powerful political figure has been moved up. But he finds she is worth the distraction because he is falling for her. Now, how does he approach the subject of the secret she is keeping about the parentage of her daughter. Will it tear them apart? He is afraid to find out.

I love the slow romantic build between Juliette and Oliver. Their attraction is instant and they can’t keep their kisses to themselves, but first things first. Juliette is in a rut. Her number one priority has been her daughter, Brooke, and now that she is gone, Juliette realizes that she hasn’t done all she could to make the newspaper as successful as she can. And it might be too late. Enter Oliver who is a kind and generous man who is an ethical writer and an honest guy who gives Juliette great advice about her paper while giving the support he can. The biography he is working on is for a man who has secretly been a part of Juliette’s life and I believe he makes the right decision in not questioning Juliette about her past, leaving it up to her to broach the subject. He obviously doesn’t tell her about the man, because he was afraid it would jeopardize their relationship, and, of course, it backfires. But the shocking revelation is not what I expected. 

I want to add that the supporting characters give this story a homey feel. Hattie, the feisty octogenarian and town snoop, only wants to help Juliette, so her mission to get the community to help out is a kind and loving gesture. Not to mention her straight talk with Juliette and Oliver about their relationship.  Also, the Tattler Team is a fun and diverse group of community members who come up with great ways to make the newspaper better.

I recommend this clean uplifting love story for those who enjoy reading about persons of a certain age (that’s me!) and who understand past regrets can be forgiven making way for a rewarding future.

Thank you to Ms. Davies for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Ticklemore Tattler

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