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Rich & Wild by Blair Presley


He’s my hot boss, I guess that means he’s off-limits, right? Wrong.

A hot alpha god, who’s my boss? Yes. That’s for me. His name is Gavyn Kent. He’s a sexy CEO and the most gorgeous man on the planet. The problem is, the people I work with are trying to get in my way. But my dream is bigger than the bullies.

It’s all about New York, baby. Nothing can stop me with him by my side. I’ve moved across the country to work for the Mr. Gavyn Kent. He’s powerful, domineering, and sculpted. He sees me. And I see him, even his dark side. We’re a match made in NYC heaven. But the problem comes in the form of my coworkers (and a certain ex-girlfriend named Claire).

They don’t think I’m up to par. In fact, the word trashy has been thrown around. Apparently, if you’re not born in the upper echelons of New York high society, and dripping in Chanel, then you’re, well, nothing. But I’m not anything. I’m me, and that means I’m strong. I will survive, even if it means almost losing everything to do so. So all those haters? They’re going to have to hate somewhere else. As long as I have Gavyn by my side, believing in me, I can’t fail… right?


“I really shouldn’t trust anyone at this point”.  Famous last words for Dallas Ingram. New intern to the sexy Gavyn Kent. Can she find true happiness with a man who wants total control and submission in and out of the bedroom?

She changed everything. She changed him. Gavyn Kent. He had an empty life before her and now he has something to live for.

I like Dallas’s gumption and honesty, but she is so naive when it comes to living and working in New York City. I mean having sex with your boss within a few days of meeting him? Where’s her dignity? I cringed when this happened so suddenly. Why not give it time and show some restraint? And what was Gavyn thinking? He breaks up with his bitch “girlfriend” and tells her who he’s seeing. Really? Dumb. Very dumb. I could just see that shitshow coming. 

Instant love for these two? Perhaps. Instant lust? Definitely. It just moved way too fast for me at first and killed my love vibe. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good BDSM, but this one feels too juvenile and too beneficial for one side. Most of the time Gavyn acts like a sex-starved teenager and not the smart, savvy CEO of a multi-million dollar company.  But hold the phone…Gavyn puts on the brakes when Dallas refuses to give in to his steamroller of a relationship.  Good for her!

This book is like fifty shades of too fast. I have read many books about the protagonists falling fast for each other, but the characters were more mature and more put together than these two.  I’m in no way bashing Dallas’s upbringing because she is badass in how she sticks to her guns to keep her independence and making her dreams come true. It’s just that she is too eager to please Gavyn without considering the circumstances. Kudos to Gavyn for slowing it down even though he should know he can’t force someone to trust him immediately.

As for Gavyn’s first-class-bitch of an ex Claire, her wrath was a given, and boy, did she bring it. Another thing Gavyn should have known.  But Dallas has the support of her loving and smart big sister, as well as the support of her new understanding clients who own the biggest entertainment platform in North America and come from humble beginnings like her.

Dallas and Gavyn do finally grow and start to show their true strengths especially when people are threatening to take them both down.  

If you enjoy fast love, hot sex, a bit of suspense, and a happily ever after ending, give this book a try.

Thank you to Ms. Presley and Book Sirens for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Rich and Wild

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Blair Presley is an author of contemporary romance novels. She loves to write about glamour, billionaires, and hot alpha gods. When she’s not glued to her computer, inventing new ways to help you escape, you can find her at any coffee shop… or Victoria’s Secret.

Before setting out on this journey, she received her Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and one in Design. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her sexy-as-sin husband and their two unruly dogs.

Follow Blair on her website, Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram.

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