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I Am Here to Kill You by Chris Westlake


Charming. Charismatic. Beautiful. And deadly?

The members of a local support group in a sleepy welsh town are captivated by the new arrival, Sheena Strachan. Each member of the group has a reason for attending. Some hide dark, sinister secrets, and for others it is the highlight of their week. But what are Sheena’s motives for attending?

The group’s leader, Rose, unexpectedly stops attending meetings. She goes into hiding, and quickly becomes an outcast. And then she is arrested for her estranged husband’s murder. Did Sheena really have no involvement in his killing?

With Sheena at the helm, the group goes from strength to strength, both in numbers and commitment. But their behaviour is changing. No story is to leave the room. They trust nobody. Men are the enemy. The residents of the previously peaceful town start turning against each other. Was this Sheena’s plan all along?

One mystery, however, stands out more than all the others.

Who is here to kill who…?


There is nothing I love more than a psychological thriller with no obvious serial killer, just your everyday seemingly “normal” citizens with deep dark secrets. Mr. Westlake does this in spades. 

As the reader gets to know several characters one by one, the sinister plot unfolds around a women’s therapy group in a small town in Wales. A stranger arrives with a mission to pit the local women against the men causing a ripple of doubt and anger; enough to kill and falsely accuse the innocent. Who is guilty? You will be surprised.

The characters range from vulnerable to cunning and clueless to creepy. I’m not thrilled reading about infidelity, but it’s a big part of the plot. And though I am a woman, I did feel bad for some of the men in the story who truly cared about their wives and marriage. Frankly, some of the women were very unpleasant and I certainly wouldn’t want to be friends with them.

If you love a chilling whodunit with a twist you won’t see coming, give this book a try.

Thank you to Mr. Westlake for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Chris WestlakeAfter completing a Creative Writing course in 2010, Chris Westlake’s short story, Welsh Lessons, was awarded 1st place in the Global Short Story Award (not bad for the first writing competition he had entered). He followed this up with 1st place in the Stringybark Erotic Fiction Award and 2nd place in the HASSRA Literary Award.

Chris has written three novels. 30 DAYS IN JUNE is his first crime thriller. He is currently writing his second thriller, on schedule to be completed in 2020. He is determined to write many, many more – his main regret is that he didn’t start writing earlier.

Chris considers himself to be a developing author. He is always looking to improve, to make his next novel even better than the last. He is continuously experimenting with different styles, different genres.

You can contact Chris at . He would love to hear from you.

Follow Chris on Twitter and his website.


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