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So Not My Type (So Far, So Good #4) by Amelia Kingston

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An endearingly irreverent love story.

To Jackie Ryan, insults are foreplay and love is war. What the feisty redhead lacks in stature, she makes up in attitude. She’s made more than one grown man cry and she’s damn proud of it. Little does the rowdy barista know she’s about to meet her match in the shape of a walking, talking pair of starched khakis.

When unassuming Eddie Jaworski stumbles into a quirky coffee shop, he isn’t expecting a battle of wits with the maniac behind the counter. Still, he can’t help be intrigued by the endearingly irreverent human enigma. She’s brash, but considerate. Closed off to most, but fiercely loyal to a few. Everything is a joke, except those things that are sacred. Jackie doesn’t trust easily and if he wants to get close, he’s going to have to work for every inch. Good thing he’s up for the challenge.

But Eddie has a secret—one he didn’t mean to keep—that’s going to tug at the delicate strings weaving the pair together. When everything begins to unravel, Jackie must decide just what she’s willing to risk for love.


What a fun and stimulating opposites attract trope with a sexy, ball-busting female and a reclusive and straight-laced male.

Jackie Ryan is a barista in her grandfather’s coffee shop and a badass gamer with a chip on her shoulder. She has a degree in graphic design, but her self-confidence is nil after being rejected too many times. Not one for good customer service, it’s a wonder the coffee shop keeps customers. Enter Eddie Jaworski, a writer and an instant fan of his new feisty and sexy muse. It’s an uphill battle, but Jackie lets him in while convincing her to enter the graphic design contest for the cover of her favorite writer. If only he had told her his secret much sooner. 

I love a strong female protagonist and Jackie hits it out of the park. Her brutal sarcasm and in-your-face attitude take a little getting used to, but when her layers are peeled back her insecurities show through, and understanding dawns. Her initial reaction to Eddie is to brush him off as a “so not my type”, but when he gives back as much as he gets, her interest is peaked and hot sex entails. Though that’s all she wants at first, Eddie’s kindness and endless persistence catch her unaware and she’s a goner. Eddie’s “awkward discomfort” is endearing and he has a death wish pursuing the volatile Jackie, but I had no doubts he would succeed with his charm and wit. Not to mention his other steamy talents. Yes, he makes a mistake not telling Jackie his big secret, but he does the best groveling I’ve seen in the most romantic way. I definitely shed a tear or two. 

The supporting characters are a hoot in this story. Pops, Jackie’s quirky and loveable grandfather, gives her amazing and hard-hitting advice. Jackie’s friend, J.C. is hilarious and supportive. And Benji, Eddie’s capricious friend, works hard to get Eddie out in the world. My favorite and funniest scene is the drag show amateur night.  Way to go, boys!

This is my first Amelia Kingston novel and though it is book 4 it works well as a standalone.  If you enjoy books that make you laugh, cry, and cheer for an incredibly odd couple who deserve each other, give this book a try.

Thank you to Ms. Kingston for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectations of a positive review.


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So Not My Type

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That it? That all?” He winks. This fucker actually winks at me.

Time to go nuclear. I toss my glasses down on the table with a thud before they skid across the surface. I pull the hair tie out of my ponytail and let my wavy red locks fall past my shoulders. I give it a little tussle, knowing it is barely controlled chaos. Just like me. I lick my lips with my eyes locked on his. He’s trying hard to keep his composure, but I see him swallow the tension.

You’re too pretty. Too soft. Too clean. Too easy. Too bland. Too safe.” I take a slow step towards him with every word. A sexy catwalk strut, crossing my combat-boot clad feet each time, adding an extra sway to my hips. I pin him with a challenging glare as he drinks in my curves with stifled desire.

I lean against him, pressing my chest into his. He doesn’t pull away, but his muscles tensed, his body hard. I bring my mouth to his ear.

I want dirty and dangerous.”

Going for the kill, I tease his earlobe with a flick of my tongue. He lets out a deep groan. I shove off his chest and stalk back over to my abandoned dish tub.

I quip over my shoulder, “Darlin’, I’d destroy you.”

And I’d enjoy every second of it,” he adds without missing a beat.

I bite my lip to keep from smiling.


Amelia Kingston is a California girl, writer, traveler, wife, and dog mom. She survives on chocolate, coffee, wine, and sarcasm. Not necessarily in that order. She’s been blessed with a patient husband who’s embraced her nomad ways and cursed with an impatient (although admittedly adorable) terrier who pouts when her dinner is five minutes late.

She loves to write about strong, stubborn, flawed women and the men who can’t help but love them. Her irreverent books aim to be silly and fun with the occasional storm cloud to remind us to appreciate the sunny days. As a hopeless romantic, her favorite stories are the ones that remind us all that while love is rarely perfect, it’s always worth chasing.

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