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Eat the Rich by Andrew Rivas


In February of 2022, Ash Whatever uploads the first video in her Eat the Rich series on YouTube—a cooking tutorial featuring tacos de lengua made from the tongue of morally corrupt televangelist David White. Over the next six months, the menu grows with more videos and more victims, kick-starting a revolution that gives a voice to the working class.

But how far is too far? Does the end always justify the means? Chronicled through social media posts, chat logs, and comment chains, metaphor becomes reality and the amoral rich become accountable for their actions as the internet community takes sides. Is Ash a revolutionary or a cold-blooded killer? Decide for yourself. But whatever you do, stay hungry.


This book is perfect for the Halloween season, folks! I was contacted by the author to review this macabre story about a serial killer using an unusual means of “preparing” and reporting their crimes.

The internet is a reflection of us at our worst and best.

Told in social media snippets, the serial killer is Ash Whatever who leads a movement called “Eat the Rich”. She tracks down wealthy scumbags who prey on and exploit the common man and exposes them and literally serves them up on a platter for her followers to watch on YouTube. At first, her followers are certain the videos are fake until billionaires start disappearing.

In our world of fake news and misinformation, this brilliant and savory revenge story delves into racism, police brutality, and our divided nation. Watching nasty and greedy people finally being held accountable for their actions is a powerful drug and Mr. Rivas gives the reader an unforgettable message to keep fighting for what is right. “Stay hungry, friends.”

Overall, I enjoyed this unique and clever horror story which is truly unlike any novel I’ve read with its large number of narrators known by only their usernames and Ash being the only “real” person in the book. Please note that the author does a fantastic job on the research end of this book as he includes actual events and scandals throughout the story to make the message more real.

Thank you to Mr. Rivas for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Eat the Rich

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