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Ethereally Tainted (Tainted Souls #1) by Rainelyn


Together, their inner demons meld into one.

Two years ago, I got my sweet revenge and committed the most sinful act. Today I’m standing in the ashes of who I used to be.

After losing everything, I’m left an easy target. I thought I had it all figured out, until the day I woke up in the basement of Dankworth Institute, a prison-like ward for people like me. Forever broken with no hope of ever being freed. People with tainted souls. Despite the facade of a psych ward, this place is anything but, for there is something far more sinister lurking inside these walls.

All my life, I promised myself two things: do not trust anyone, and always stay by myself. Then I met him. The guy with sapphire eyes and an intensity that is enough to threaten everything I’ve ever fought for. His soul is just as broken as mine.

And I know eventually, I will drown, either by him or this Institute.

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Good grief! This dark, disturbing story is Hunger Games on steroids. She’s crazy, he’s crazy, and I’m crazy to finish this duet. 

From the confines of a horrific and deadly prison where children are treated like dolls and forced to play a twisted game of chance, Naya is sold into a life of triggering pain and anguish that never lets up. Spiraling out of control after witnessing a shocking event at her previous institution, she is placed in a psychiatric hospital which has undertones of evil and malice.  It’s her connection with a tall blue-eyed man that helps her to cope as the two broken souls try to find their sanity and a way to escape.

Naya just can’t catch a break. Ever since age 7 witnessing her father’s murder at the hands of her psychotic mother, she has had a disturbing and heartbreaking life. Trapped in an institution where children are treated like dolls and murdered at the drop of a hat, Naya’s sanity is questionable as she is injected with who-knows-what and left on her own. After witnessing another event, she is shipped off to what appears to be a psychiatric hospital where she connects with Grey who is as broken as she is and understands her pain. As they slowly fall for each other, they wonder if it could last considering where they are. And then they find something eerily amiss as they start to discover dead bodies and find their own lives in danger. Will they survive, or will this be the end? After the shocking ending, I’ll have to wait and see in the next book.

I was captivated by this book as it drew me in and took me on a downward spiral of angst, depression, and despair. It was a bit repetitive, but not enough to where I didn’t want to finish it and find out what happens to Naya and Grey. 

If you love a good psychological thriller, pick up this book but be aware of triggering events. I can’t wait to read the final book in the duet.

Thank you to Rainelyn for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Ethereally Tainted

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Rainelyn is an independent author whose books explore themes of darkness and gothic, as well as troubled characters and their unusual love stories. With her wicked writing style and twisted stories, she is well known for making her readers’ hearts swell with all the emotions and imagery she evokes in her books.

She loves to write anything that involves steam, danger, depraved darkness, and the morally ambiguous characters that ride the line between good and evil.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys cuddling with her dog and partner, aka her real-life book boyfriend. She is a sucker for gaming, listening to music, and creating new book adventures.

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