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Never Ever Getting Back Together by Phoebe MacLeod


Everyone remembers their first love. Jess Thomas definitely does. So, it’s more than a little awkward when Jess’s first love, Jamie Ferguson, turns out to be the best man at the wedding she’s catering for. And more than a little insulting when he doesn’t appear to remember her at all.

Since Jamie broke her heart (via text!), 10 years earlier, Jess has sworn off romance. And with a booming catering business to focus on, she’s doing OK. She has no interest in revisiting the past.

But when Jess’s car breaks down on a country lane, she has no choice but to accept Jamie’s help. Now, Jamie is determined to show Jess he’s a new man. But can guys like Jamie ever really change? And if she gives him another chance, is she setting herself up for a fall?


As a reader, there’s nothing quite like getting lost in a book with hilarious banter and compelling characters. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Phoebe MacLeod’s latest novel.

Jess’s story is relatable and lonely in some ways. She’s an independent woman who speaks her mind, but she’s also vulnerable and has been hurt in the past. When she meets Jamie Ferguson again at a wedding, she’s understandably angry at first. He had dumped her by text after one unforgettable night years ago, and she had never forgotten how rude and hurtful he was. However, as she gets to know him again, she realizes that there’s another side to the story.

Jamie, for his part, is thoughtful, considerate, and determined to win Jess’s trust back. He takes things slow and shows her his sweeter side. The karaoke night they share is a particularly heartwarming moment. However, some frustrating misunderstandings and drama still crop up, especially when Jamie’s secret is finally revealed. But with the help of someone close to him, the misunderstandings are cleared up and the couple is able to move forward.

Overall, this book is a sweet behind-closed-doors romance. MacLeod has once again created a cast of characters that are realistic and relatable, with occupations that are down-to-earth. This is a romance novel that doesn’t rely on over-the-top wealth or unbelievable scenarios to keep the reader engaged. Instead, it draws you in with its humor and heart and keeps you invested in the story until the very end.

Whether you’re a fan of romance novels or just looking for something fun and light-hearted to read, this book is worth checking out. 

Thank you to Ms. MacLeod for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Never Ever Getting Back Together

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Phoebe MacLeod is the author of several popular laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. She mainly sets her books in her home county of Kent and her first new title for Boldwood will be published in November 2022. They will also be republishing her existing titles from August this year.

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