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Tease Me (Dark Odyssey, Book 1) by Faith Summers

Tease Me

Tease Me
Dark Odyssey Book 1
by Faith Summers
Genre: Billionaire Mafia Romance
An angel like her… and a devil like me.
Was it wrong to prey on the weak?
Especially when the weak came in the form of this beautiful angel on the doorstep of my club.
My club The Dark Odyssey.
The place where people live out their wildest fantasies.
Here, beneath the mask.
Nothing is off limits and just like Vegas, what happens here stays here.
She’s too angelic for the wild masquerade parties I hold.
She couldn’t possibly know she’s standing at the doorway to sin.
It’s clear she’s here for something else.
I smell desperation and fear…
That’s fine, I’ve already decided she’ll be mine.
I’ve found the perfect toy to play with.
I’m Nick Giordano and I always get what I want.
I want her body.
Heart and soul.
I’ll claim her. I’ll break her, and possess her
She’s the perfect distraction from my enemies.
And, the darkness of my world.
Welcome to The Dark Odyssey, Angel Doll.
I hope you enjoy your stay, I know I will.


It’s something I mustn’t have because this isn’t a fairytale. There is no happily ever after in a business relationship like ours. He’s not the prince and I’m far from being a princess.

Mia Chase is desperate. A Harvard Law School grad who can’t find a job to save her life…literally!  She needs money to pay off the drug lord for her big brother’s debt, so her last resort is a “personal waitress” job for Nick Giordano at his sex club, The Dark Odyssey.  Can she keep her dignity while losing control? Will she sell her soul to the devil?

Because I’m the devil. People think because I do the books I’m not as ruthless as some of the others in the business. Like I wouldn’t hesitate to pop a bullet between some poor bastard’s eyes. They’re wrong. I’m the devil and I like this beauty who’s been distracting the hell out of me.

Born into a wealthy crime family, Nick Giordano has everything… but her. So he will make it a game. She will be his, and he will pay her to help with whatever made her come here. But his obsession is more than a game and she cannot feel for him. The danger is too great!

Yes, it’s a romance, but it’s about finding out who shot Nick’s best friend, Tommy, in front of his wife and baby. The answer is a shocker and leads to a whole new dynamic to the book.

I loved this hot, sexy romance with suspense. Nick’s obsession with Mia is palpable and seeing this angry alpha male’s guard lower to let her in is worth seeing. Watching their relationship evolve and grow is a pleasure in more ways than one. Recommend highly!

Thank you to Ms. Summers for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.

Taunt Me
Dark Odyssey Book 2
She was always mine … whether she wanted to be or not
Ten years ago I allowed another man to take her to pay her families debt.
Fighting for her would have started a war.
I thought life was complicated then.
Now she’s back in my life and brings more than I bargained for.
I live by a code: Always stay in control.
Yet, I’ve never been able to say no to her.
Not years ago when she stepped through the doors of the Dark Odyssey and handed me her v card.
Not now that when her enemies try to blackmail her.
She needs my help so I give it.
But not without a price.
I want her
I want her for myself.
On her knees before me, in my bed, everywhere.
Every day, forever.
I’ll protect her from everything.
Except me.
Beneath the mask I wear, I may be the devil she doesn’t want, but needs.
I want her to be mine.
My property, my possession.
What I never knew was her secrets may be my end.
Faith Summers is the Dark Contemporary Romance pen name of USA Today Bestselling Author, Khardine Gray.
Warning !! Expect wild romance stories of the scorching hot variety and deliciously dark romance with the kind of alpha male bad boys best reserved for your fantasies.
Dive in and enjoy her naughty page-turners.
$15 Amazon
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