Book Review, Human Behavior, Nonfiction, Self-Help

Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior by Beverly Flaxington

This book was written for co-workers to better understand each other, but I also found it helpful to communicate better with my spouse.

Dr. Flaxington states that “The most powerful people are the ones who understand themselves better than others understand them.”  She helps us to find out more about ourselves by finding out what triggers our responses, what our values are and knowing how we communicate.  The first and main secret is that everything is “all about me”.  Our reactions to others is how we unintentionally “view every experience  through our own lenses”.  We need to watch others, listen and pay attention, watch our own reactions, recognize our own triggers and be committed to stop using our preconceived ideas.  She states that we don’t need to change for anyone, but to adapt to situations and other people and communication will be improved.

I learned a lot and will definitely be using the 5 secrets in all aspects of my life.