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Screams in Symphony (The Malvagio Mafia #2) by Kelsey Clayton


There once was a girl, tarnished and ruined by the actions of others. Some are born plagued by darkness, but she was doused in it by those she trusted.

Like Lucifer himself, she fell from the heavens and landed amongst the flames. Now she wears her crown black, with diamonds coated in the blood of her enemies.

This isn’t the story of a girl who saved the villain. This is the story of a girl who became something much worse, and the man who loved her for it.

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I couldn’t wait to read what happened to Saxon after being shot in a shocking cliffhanger. The girl you know is gone and what we get is a new darker depressed and angry Saxon who is stunned by the loved ones that betrayed her and made an attempt to kill her. Those people will feel her wrath.

There’s nothing more dangerous than the damaged.

Betrayal and revenge are the only things keeping Saxon Forbes going after the people she loves try to kill her. With the help of the man who will do anything for his perfect mate, she goes down the dark side of torture and punishment, and together they wreak havoc on their enemies.

Kage Malvagio’s reality is that he almost lost the woman he couldn’t bear to live without, so he is determined more than ever to destroy the people who are responsible for her attempted murder and who are linked to the death of his parents as well. Will this destructive mission destroy Saxon?

Saxon and Kage’s relationship is rocky in Suffer in Silencebut after the attempt on Saxon’s life and the loss of their unborn child, their love is stronger than ever as they prepare to find and punish the evil people who crossed them. Saxon goes down the rabbit hole of anguish and rage as she becomes a monster of manipulation and torture. Kage tries to shield her from that part of his life at first, but after all that’s happened she’s beyond saving and gives in to her nefarious desires.  It’s like watching a toxic and demonic Bonnie and Clyde. It was a little creepy, but I couldn’t wait to see Saxon confront her hateful enemies and give them what they deserve. In addition, the author gives us a few clever and surprising twists in who actually shot Saxon. It definitely fooled this reader.  After all the bloodshed and angst, Kage and Saxon finally do get a HEA.

Kage’s adopted family of Raff, Viola, and Nico, have an important role in this book which I cannot reveal. Ms. Clayton writes excellent evil characters and there is no shortage of them here.

I highly recommend this crazy and toxic duet. It’s full of devious twists and turns and complex and gritty characters. I do suggest you read book 1 of this series before tackling book 2 in order to understand what has made Saxon and Kage the way they are.

Thank you to Ms. Clayton for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Screams in Symphony

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Kelsey Clayton is a USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance novels. She lives in a small town in Delaware with her husband, two kids, and dog.

She is an avid reader of fall hard romance. She believes that books are the best escape you can find, and that if you feel a range of emotions while reading her stories – she succeeded. She loves writing and is only getting started on this life long journey.

Kelsey likes to keep things in her life simple. Her ideal night is one with sweatpants, a fluffy blanket, cheese fries, and wine. She holds her friends and family close to her heart and would do just about anything to make them happy.

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