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Gravitate (NOLA Defiance MC, #1) by K E Osborn


I’m not a decent guy. I don’t do commitment. Women know the score before they land in my bed.

But there is something about this feisty tattoo artist. She makes my blood boil. But with that pure, unadulterated rage comes an ache deep inside I simply can’t ignore. I despise her. I shouldn’t want her.
The problem is–every part of me does. And it’s a complication I can no longer ignore.

With threats against the club from our persistent rivals, it’s becoming clear we can’t be sure who to trust. As the saying goes… keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But without knowing, I’ve invited mine right in, and I’m falling for her hard. And when we hit the ground, I know it’s gonna hurt!

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This is my first K E Osborn novel and it has everything one wants in an MC romance including angst, betrayal, vengeance, and sizzling hot chemistry.

Lynx “Hurricane” Ladet, President of NOLA Defiance, takes no prisoners. He’s complicated, rough around the edges, and his club comes first until a stubborn and mouthy tattoo artist starts to get under his skin. However, he has more dangerous work to deal with at the moment; mainly; keeping his club members alive and his clients happy. Unfortunately, the woman he is attracted to is keeping a secret…or is she?

Kaia Māhoe is unhappy with her place of employment with a creepy co-worker and a boss who just doesn’t care. However, she is a big provider for her sister who has epilepsy and she will deal with the worst to make sure her sister is well and safe. Until a grumpy MC asshole walks in out of nowhere and belittles her artistry and treats her like a servant. Why does she even still think of the man? He’s rude and disrespectful, but she’s unusually drawn to him physically and he treats her sister like a person, not a medical problem. Give him time, he’ll show his true self…only, will it be what she wants?

I have to admit I’m not a great fan of MC romances due to the sexist nature of the clubs and unfortunately, this book was no different. At first, I was not a big fan of Hurricane because he is derisive and disparaging towards Kaia who didn’t deserve to be treated so badly. It was going to take a lot for me to come around to this dickhead. As I slowly learned his back story, some of my dislike mellowed, but he really needed to stop jumping to conclusions which seems like a bad trait to have as a president of an MC. Fortunately, he seemed to run his club better than his personal life. In my opinion, the man needed to grovel a lot more than he did. I do admit his relationship with Lani, Kaia’s little sister, was a good addition to the story. As for Kaia, I liked her strength and her love for her sister. I’m glad she stuck to her guns and made him work for forgiveness. If anyone could kick his ass, she could.  There were a few good twists and turns and interesting subplots with other MC members that will make for some good stories.

Ms. Osborn’s writing is detailed and engaging with her fast-paced battle scenes and getting in the head of a man who exudes confidence in the field, but sweats bullets for a woman he’s falling in love with. It’s a good mix of diverse characters, romance, and suspense.

Thank you to Ms. Osborn for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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ke osbornWith a flair for all things creative, USA Today Bestselling Author K E Osborn, is drawn to the written word. Exciting worlds and characters flow through her veins, coming to life on the page as she laughs, cries, and becomes enveloped in the storyline right along with you. She’s entirely at home when writing sassy heroines and alpha males that rise from the ashes of their pasts.

K E Osborn comforts herself with tea and Netflix, after all, who doesn’t love a good binge? Explosive. Addictive. Romance.

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