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The Last Estate by Conor Bowman

Christian was heir to the oldest winery in Gigondas, France.  He lost his brother, Eugene, in the war and his ruthless and unfeeling father is grudgingly leaving the vineyard to Christian at the expense of Christian’s freedom and peace of mind.  At his mother’s insistence, Christian will graduate from school before helping his father with the vineyard, but little did anyone know that his favorite teacher and secret love, Miss Vivienne Pleyben, would change his destiny forever.

This is a love story that lasts through time, adversity, and hardship.  I read this fairly short book in one sitting.  The writing is lyrical and the story simple and Mr. Bowman captures the essence of the characters and their will to survive.

Thank you to Mr. Bowman, The Permanent Press, and especially Early Reviewers for giving me the opportunity to review this book.