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Choosing Theo (Clecanian #1) by Victoria Aveline


Being kidnapped by aliens is only the start of Jade’s problems. Thankfully, her rescuers, an alien race known as the Clecanians, are willing to protect her, but she has to stay on their planet for one year and respect the rules of their culture–including choosing a husband. Jade refuses at first but decides to play along until she can find a way back to Earth.

Theo, a scarred mercenary who prefers a life of solitude, is stunned when Jade selects him as her husband. After years of being passed over, he never imagined he would be chosen and neither did anyone else. Only one explanation makes sense…the curvy enticing female must be a spy, and Theo’s determined to break her cover using any means necessary.

As Jade and Theo are forced to spend time together, their chemistry becomes undeniable. But neither can afford to bring love into the equation, especially since Jade seems determined to go home. After all, she can’t possibly stay here, right?


I’ve always been a fan of all romance genres, but I have to admit that sci-fi romances are becoming my favorite. Most likely because of the thrill of finding out what makes the aliens different from humans, not only physically but also culturally. Choosing Theo is a wonderful blend of intrigue, exciting characters, and a slow courtship culminating into one of the hottest and sexiest unions I’ve read. Sigh!!

Jade is kidnapped from Earth, caged, and dropped on an unknown planet alone. Fighting for her life as she exits the pod, she disables her captor and finds her way into a city of Clecanians who look a lot like humans, but with big eyes and special abilities. The Clecanians know little about Earthlings and are appalled at her treatment since human trafficking is illegal on their planet. Because she is an off-worlder, the law says she is to stay on the plant for a year under the protection of a resident. What she didn’t know, is that she has to marry that person for at least three months. Getting home became her number one priority, but how, when their laws will not allow it? Perhaps she can convince her new husband to help her.  After all, women are scarce on this planet and cherished by men, but the man she chooses is not easily swayed. In fact, he’s arrogant and powerful and a “devastatingly sexy god of war” who mistrusts her and has never been chosen for marriage because of his scars. The very scars she finds most attractive about him.

Theo hates the humiliating ceremonies as he is paraded in front of women once a year knowing he will never be chosen because they are terrified of him. Theo is one of the best mercenaries in the business. He no longer needs to make money and only chooses jobs that were interesting to him. He preferred his solitude at home with his pet, Cebo. Until he is chosen as a husband by an Earthling…a beautiful, fiery female who is not afraid of him. He is sure she is a spy sent to get intel and he will prove it by revealing her disgust with his appearance, but his efforts are doing the opposite. She truly seems to be attracted to him and he definitely wants her, but what good could come of it?

I love the hot, hot, hot foreplay between Jade and Theo. As I said before their first sexual encounter is so stimulating as Jade uses Theo’s predator instinct as a hunter to finally make him lose control and give in to his desire for her.  Yummy! Jade is a fearless and strong female protagonist who fits perfectly with Theo’s impatient and volatile personality. When Jade teaches Theo how to kiss it’s lovely, but when Theo purrs, it’s sexy!  Theo is definitely an alpha male, but as his feelings grow his protection instincts are necessary as her original kidnapper finds her. I love the fact that the men on the planet are schooled in pleasing the women from learning to cook to pleasuring them.  Let me say, Theo passes with flying colors!

I highly recommend this sexy hot sci-fi romance with an intriguing plot, compelling characters, and a series I plan to continue.


Choosing Theo

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Victoria AvelineVictoria Aveline has always enjoyed immersing herself in a good romance. Alpha males are her weakness but, while possessive dominating heroes have always been titillating, she craved something more. So she decided to create a world in which devastatingly sexy men could be aggressive and domineering but still bow down before the matriarchy.

Victoria lives with her husband, dog, and about sixty thousand badass honey-making ladies. When not writing or fantasizing about future characters, she enjoys traveling, reading, and sipping overpriced hipster cocktails.

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