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Icy Heat (Heat Series) by Leigh Wyndfield

Publication Day: 6 June 2008
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 160504038x (ebook)
Pages: 217
Category:  Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Erotica

I am working on my TBR pile and came across this great read.  I’m a sucker for scarred heroes and Warwick the Enforcer is no exception.

His left hand was covered with a tight leather glove that matched the mask hiding his face. Holes for his eyes, nose and mouth were cut into the leather, giving him a frightening appearance. His head was encased by a leather helm, completing the frightening view.

As a young boy, his body was burned with acid while watching his parents die by the hand of Balten.  After many years as Warwick the Enforcer his time for revenge is near but he wasn’t expecting the distraction of the tall, beautiful, and fiery pilot, Aidan.  He was stunned that she did not cringe at his scarred body like all the others.  She actually preferred him without the mask.

She’d known the first time she’d ever sat at the controls of a ship that this was what she wanted to do with her life.

Aidan is one of the best transport pilots in the galaxy and has no time for anything else, but her brother, Zach.  She is constantly bailing him out of his gambling debts, but this time he owes Balten, “one of the scariest men in Galaxy Grid 219”.  She has to steal a globe full of toxic liquid from Reed Landrig, another powerful man in her corner of the universe, and why has War volunteered to help her?   Her attraction to War is strong and “…there was something about him. Something more than just dangerous. Something best left alone.”

This is the 3rd installment in the Heat Series which stands on its own and my first book by Leigh Wyndfield.  A futuristic erotic love story featuring two strong, but vulnerable people who take on the two most powerful men in the galaxy.  It was a fast and decadent out of this world erotic adventure for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Unfortunately, the publisher has gone out of business and the books are difficult to find, but I will persevere.  Highly recommend.


Leigh Wyndfield lives in rural Virginia with her grumpy cat Boo, a sweet old lab named Murphy and the best guy in the world.  A city girl at heart, she’s embracing the mysteries of growing blueberries and waking up to bunnies running from foxes in her front yard.  Traveling and working a day job round out her time – oh and running for exercise (a slow, painful process she’s been told is good for her, although that’s hard to believe since it never once has been fun).  She writes romance fiction that is out of this world.


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