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The Catnapped Lover by Rue Allyn


What does a bet between best friends have to do with a kidnapped cat and a tumbled-down animal shelter?  Nothing, unless you are Adam Talcott and you want to prove to your best buddy that you can survive without access to your wealth and family connections.  Adam would have succeeded too, if it hadn’t been for Dierdre Clancy and that blasted cat. 


As a cat lover and animal rescuer, this book was a no brainer. Aunt Shea is a fun character who loves rescuing animals of all shapes and sizes: Lilac the skunk, Riddler the horse, and of course, Brutus the cat.

Cripes, I need something stronger than lemonade. The woman has too much in common with that cat. I’m better off keeping my distance from both of them.

Adam’s bet with his colleague means he has to lie to Diedre and Aunt Shea for eight weeks, but his growing feelings for them is making it difficult to keep quiet.

As for Adam Talcott, he was a handsome beast, but even the most beautiful of creatures could bite. She didn’t buy the “humbler than thou” attitude either. That was just a clever ex-con’s ruse to gain sympathy. He had a hidden agenda, of that she was certain.

Diedre was burned by her ex so badly that she does not trust men or herself. Adam seems like a good man, but she thinks he is hiding something.

A fun rom com with a bet that Adam is losing… He’s losing his heart to a woman named Diedre and a cat named Brutus.

Thank you to Ms. Allyn and Babs Book Bistro for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Catnapped Lover

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 “Adam Talcott, it’s my turn, and I dare you,” Jack Hunter challenged. “I double damn dare you to live on your own for two months.” The two men staggered along the street toward their favorite blues club, with Adam’s chauffeur-driven limousine creeping along behind.

Adam loosened the tie of his tux then started on his shirt studs. Damned tuxedoes, even the best tailor can’t make them comfortable. But the tux was part and parcel of indulging his mother’s penchant for giving birthday parties. “Whaddaya mean? I’ve been living on my own for ten years.” Not quite as long as he and Jack had been trading birthday challenges. He fiddled with the fastenings of his cummerbund and tossed it aside.

 “No, you’ve had your own residence for ten years. You have servants, employees, and s-sy-sycophants at your beck and call. That’s not living on your own. You have money too.” Jack hiccoughed.

“You mean I can’t live on my own and have money too?” The street spun before Adam’s eyes as he tried to follow his friend’s logic.

“Unlike myself, you’ve never lived without money.” For emphasis, Jack slapped his palm at a non-existent table and tilted forward.

Adam grabbed him before Jack could smack the pavement with his head. “I don’t get it.”

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