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Torment (B.A.D. Inc, #1) by Angel Devlin and Tracy Lorraine



Mine to touch. Mine to tease. Mine to torment.

I thrive on being the best, obliterating anyone that gets in my way.

And that includes figuring out how to ruin the life of the man who did his best to ruin mine.

After years spent trying to plan the perfect revenge, an unexpected interview with a Park Lane Princess gives me exactly what I need.


Mia Hamilton. His stepdaughter, An Instagram sensation on the cusp of stardom. My target.

If I have my way, by the time I’m finished, she’ll be broken, and he’ll be fighting to pick up the pieces left in my wake.

Will she run, as she should, or is our connection stronger than I want to believe?


This book was recommended by one of my Facebook groups as an explosive and vengeful dark romance read and they weren’t kidding!

Deacon King, Celebrity Director of B.A.D. magazine is all kinds of broken and angry.  His father is a free-loading womanizer who uses his mother and has screwed up Deacon’s sense of family and the true meaning of love. Therefore, Deacon plays mind games with women and throws them away. When he meets the spoiled princess Mia Hamilton and finds out her connection with his father, his plan for revenge begins.

Mia Hamilton is an unsuspecting wealthy socialite who just wants her independence from her mother’s money. So with her best friend, Karla, she goes from Instagram sensation to reality show princess.  When she interviews with Deacon for his magazine, she is unexpectedly attracted to the bad boy, but she sees something dark behind his sexy appeal.

This is one of those dark romances where I don’t particularly like either one of the protagonists, but I like the sexy banter, the hot sex and the intriguing supporting characters. Basically, Deacon is a complete prick at the beginning and Mia is a spoiled snob pretty much throughout, but Deacon’s past is pretty devastating and how the author connects it to Mia is interesting. As for Deacon’s mission to destroy, it’s extremely destructive and unforgivable, but love, right?

Overall, this is a dark romance with lots of tension and suspense at what Deacon has planned for Mia and a shocking ending that has compelled me to buy book 2 in the series.  If you like the over-the-top jealous/possessive type heroes and sassy heroines, give this one a try.  



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