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Hidden Gem (Love New Zealand #2) by Enni Amanda


Can one Cinderella night change Marnie’s life forever?

Nearly 40, divorced and newly diagnosed with chronic illness, Marnie is ready to hide away forever. Tea. Blankets. A remote cabin. The last thing on her mind is a whirlwind love affair amidst a political scandal.

A rising political superstar, Jason is on a mission to fix New Zealand’s housing crisis. If only he could sleep. Haunted by guilt, he stares at the ceiling every night, his goals slipping away with his health and sanity. Until a solution arrives in the shape of a woman. She holds the key to everything. His sleep. His libido. His career. When she disappears, he’s desperate to find her again.

But as Jason falls for the woman of his dreams (pun intended), he discovers how much really stands in the way of their happily ever after.


A politician who is a walking contradiction meets a struggling writer and proud mom at an art event. It’s an interesting start that leads to a surprising ending.

Marnie Browne’s son is having his art displayed at the Beehive, the parliament building, and he insists she be his date. As she reluctantly agrees to a much-needed makeover paid by her son, she attends the event and meets the handsome, charming, and very tired Associate Minister of Housing Jason Hallett, who asks her a favor that changes her life.

Jason Hallett is emotionally and physically exhausted by his high-profile job as the associate minister of housing. He is trying to make good on his election promises, but his boss, Kathleen Rush, is thwarting him every step of the way.  So when he spots the nearest female to go into the women’s restroom to check on Kathleen, he had no idea how this stranger would impact his life for the better.

First of all, Jason is not your typical politician though his first impression had me wondering as he manipulates Marnie into doing his bidding. His charming and heartfelt confessions to Marnie are what did me in. It was so sad seeing how his secrets (they really weren’t that bad) and his job kept him from sleeping which was making him sick. I’m surprised he didn’t have ulcers. He fell head over heels in love at first sight with Marnie because of her calm demeanor, her beauty, and her nurturing persona which soothed him enough he could sleep soundly for once.  Jason is also determined to protect Marnie from his nasty boss Kathleen and his taped vulnerable conversation which went viral. As for Marnie, she has grown to love Jason, but she is too obsessed with her age (she’s 5 years older than Jason), she thinks having arthritis will make her less of a person, and she most likely will not be able to have any more children. Three things she believes will ruin their relationship and his career. So she backs off until circumstances change that brings them back together again for a HEA.

Supporting characters include Marnie’s lovely son Tom, her typical angsty teenage daughter, Tanya, and her encouraging best friend and next-door neighbor, Shasa. Malcolm is Jason’s co-worker and friend who also is a notable character.

If you enjoy sweet & steamy opposites attract romances with well-rounded characters and a lovely setting in New Zealand, give this book a try. It is book 2 in the series, but can be read as a standalone.

Thank you to Ms. Amanda for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Hidden Gem

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Hi! I’m Enni.  I write sweet & sexy romance set in New Zealand – a beautiful country in throes of a housing crisis. I write with honesty, humour and warmth. I write to fall in love with the ‘other’, to break down barriers and cultivate hope. I also write to avoid doing something else stupid; stories are my drug of choice. My escape. Please join me on my author journey! 

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