The Grump Who Stole Christmas
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The Grump Who Stole Christmas (Kringle Family Christmas #1) by S. Doyle


Home for the holidays… That should be a good thing, right? Eggnog and Christmas carols. Mistletoe and family. Except my dad broke his leg hanging the family wreath. My brothers are at war over taking proper care of Dad. Oh, and I just found out our family business, the Kringle Inn, is failing!

The last thing I need is this mysterious new guy, who runs the Kringle tree farm, interfering. He’s big, bearded and grumpy. He wears a lot of flannel and he does NOT like taking orders. Especially from me. We can’t agree on anything other than saving the
business. Even if we have to kill each other doing it. Or kiss each other doing it… Because I think I might be falling for the guy.

My name is Kristen, don’t call me Kris, Kringle and this is a Christmas Romance Emergency! I’m going to need some hot cocoa STAT!

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I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with this fun Christmas tale about discovering what we truly want in life from an unlikely source. I was expecting a Christmas-themed romantic comedy, but it had some yummy hot sexiness to it as well.

Paul McCleer is a great guy who finally found his purpose as the new manager of the Kringle Christmas Tree Farm. His no-nonsense way of thinking, his conversations with his trees, and his goal of creating a home for a wife and family in a beautiful setting have this reader sold. In addition, his fun sense of humor and his way of pushing Kristen’s buttons by using her favorite coffee mug and giving her the hilarious nickname Kay-Kay had me laughing out loud. If Paul can give up the big city corporate bullshit, why can’t Kristen? He just has to make her see the advantages of staying in her hometown and using her badass boss lady skills to save her family’s failing business.

Kristen Kringle Jr. is the firstborn who lives up to her name of boss lady. When her dad hurts his leg, she does not hesitate to come back and take care of him. She’s a career woman all the way with her expensive clothes and intimidating manner that obviously doesn’t work on the new guy she calls Paul Bunyan. From the minute she meets him, she is stunned by her response to him. He’s annoying and unexpectedly sexy, but her self-confidence has taken a hit and her family business is in jeopardy. Friends with benefits sure is fun, but she doesn’t have time for a relationship with a man like him. After all, she has to go back to New York once she gets her family business back in the black…or does she?

Kristen and Paul are opposites, but they work well together. Paul’s calming presence and sense of humor make Kristen feel grounded and happy for the first time in a long time. It’s fun to watch her fall under his spell as he helps her unwind by feeding her superb coffee in the mornings and bringing her down to earth when she starts showing her stubborn side. 

Kristen’s dad, Kris Kringle Sr., is a sweet and lonely man who just wants to see his children more often considering two of the three haven’t come back to visit for a while. I’m looking forward to reading about Kristen’s brothers, Ethan the lawyer, and Matt the pro hockey player.

I recommend highly this delightfully funny romance with grumpy and playful characters in a gorgeous holiday setting.

Thank you to Ms. Doyle for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


The Grump Who Stole Christmas

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S. DoyleNo joke, my romance writing career started when I was ten and realized that Leia and Han were the true couple in Star Wars. It’s been about thirty years and over forty books and I still love it!

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