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The Ruthless Gangster (Shadow Sinners #1) by Avery Kane


The devil is out to corrupt the ballerina.

Crossbar May is doomed. That’s what I first came to know about the shady town. I never thought I’d see myself ending up in that horrific town… but I did. I was taken, stolen and completely destroyed. The Shadows were hovering upon me to wreck me, hiding and waiting- until they finally attacked.

Ace West is on a mission to ruin me. He told me he’ll break me in the most ruthless way. What he doesn’t know is that you can’t break someone who’s already broken. And you definitely can’t break the girl you love without destroying yourself.

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I am a big fan of ruthless bullies who get their comeuppance when the person they are determined to destroy turns the tables on them. This story complies and I couldn’t put it down.

Allison’s life is steeped in tragedy since the accident a year ago. She lost Zach, the love of her life, she lost her ability to dance with her injured knee, and she has panic attacks while riding in a car. Who knew her life would get even worse when she is kidnapped out of revenge?  Her kidnapper is Ace West, a ruthless and cruel assassin with a mission to torture and kill her. Will she be able to convince this cold and unfeeling man that she is innocent?

Allison and Ace are extreme opposites.  She sees the good in everything and he only sees bad. His treatment of her, in the beginning, is rough and degrading as he deviously tries to break her emotionally by locking her up in a dirty room with no bed or heat. However, Allison is an observer and a fighter. She slowly discovers Ace’s weaknesses and throws logic in his face (some unintentional) regarding her innocence. Ace seems evil in the beginning, but he gradually shows some human traits after realizing Allison is telling the truth. Their love story is inevitable though a bit sappy at times considering he’s a murderer, and the ending just seemed too easy and without consequence. However, I did enjoy the plot twists the author threw in that surprised this reader.

There is a large number of supporting characters who are intriguing and mysterious and am curious to find out what is underneath all of that angst and emotion. 

This is a debut novel and there are some kinks to work out with the questionable grammar and sentence structure which I expect will be corrected in the final copy. However, I think this new author has great potential and I do plan to read upcoming books in this series.

Thank you to Ms. Kane for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Ruthless Gangster

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Avery KaneAvery Kane is a dark romance writer. Her passion for reading began at a very young age of fourteen, she found her escape through books.  Avery is releasing her epic debut book series in 2021 that you don’t wanna miss out on!

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