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The Blue-eyed Devil (Devil’s Lair #1) by Beena Khan


On a hallowed night, the love of my life gambled me away to the Devil.

Once upon a myth…
A devil with the face of an angel ruled New York.

Salvi Moretti returns.
A Don to one of the five families of the La Cosa Nostra. He’s a notorious gangster wrapped in an Armani suit that reigns in hell. The villain of every love story. He is a powerful aristocrat, a savage, and a wicked man who likes a challenge.

I’m his new challenge. His new obsession.
I’m a wealthy and privileged Catholic girl who’s returned from studying law abroad. It was a night out with my boyfriend, Adamo, when everything descended into chaos at the casino. He lost and gambled me away.

Years ago, I took a vow of celibacy, but now a sadistic man tempts me with the dark side—the blond hair, blue-eyed older casino billionaire with tattoos on his hands, and his lips formed in a teasing smile.

My name is Ehva, and I have a confession to make. I fell in love with the Devil… and now, no one can save me from this hell. His disturbing love is so powerful, it becomes dangerous. As his obsession metastasizes, he wants to marry me, and I say…I do.

Welcome to New York’s Underworld.

Loosely based on the myth of Lucifer & Eve.


My love/hate relationship with Salvi Moretti is still going strong with this exceptional vengeful story. Ms. Khan has surprised me once again as she chewed up my hopes and vomited all over my feelings. 

Ehva Rossi is a good moral Catholic girl who believes there is good in everyone… even Don Salvi Moretti. The blue-eyed Devil who has challenged her beliefs and morals to the point of falling for his beautiful smile and his intense pursuit of her. 

Salvi Moretti is a man of blinding smiles and psychopathic tendencies. He’s a man on a mission. To make Ehva Rossi his, to break her, to make her lose herself in a Devil’s lair of sin.  His plan is working and he will have his vengeance soon, but at what cost?

Khan’s writing is superb as the chemistry between Ehva and Salvi explodes into a fiery battle of wills and a surrender that neither of them expects. Ehva’s family has betrayed her and she has been left alone with a man who is a murderer. My heart breaks for her ultimate downfall into despair and loneliness. Salvi’s slow seduction of dangerous smiles and sinful obsession is sexy as hell, and one hopes like Ehva that he has good intentions, but as her light brightens, his dims. She has crawled under his skin, but nothing is what it seems. Can all be redeemed? Unfortunately, I will have to wait until book 2.

From the sexy and powerful piano scene to the emotionally charged wedding scene, this story will torment me until I find out how it all ends in The Fallen Angel. I want vengeance. I want redemption. I want a happily ever after. I want to know more about Salvi’s brother, Romeo.

If you love extremely dark romances with tortured, unpredictable characters and twists and turns galore, give this book a try. I highly recommend you read the Beauty and the Beast series beginning with A Beauty So Cruel which explains Salvi’s, Vlad’s, and Dahlia’s past.

Thank you to Ms. Khan for once again giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


The Blue Eyed Devil

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Beena KhanBeena Khan writes literary fiction and edgy, contemporary romance. She 27 years old and lives in New York. She’s from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, an immigrant who moved to New York when she was five years old. She currently holds a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology. She enjoys reading, writing, and netflixing. The Name of Red is her debut novel published at the age of 26. All of her books are on Kindle Unlimited + Free Novella!

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