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Triple Threat (Deception Duet #1) by K Webster


I’m a prisoner in a prestigious world. A perfect princess locked in a tower. My father will never let me go. Not that I could leave. I would never abandon my little sister. Hope comes in the form of a devilishly handsome man with dark eyes and darker secrets.

With each encounter, I’m lured deeper into the labyrinth. The danger lurking beneath his surface calls to me, even as it warns me away. Except there’s a new side of him every time we meet. A different danger each time we touch. It’s as if three different men want to devour me.

He’s not just one villain. He’s three.

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Triple Threat AN Teaser


Holy cow! One victim and a villain times three. Full of menace, suspense, and sexual tension, this book is tantalizing and addictive. 

Landry Croft’s life is a prison. Her father is an abusive evil man and she and her six-year-old sister need to escape, but who can she trust? Certainly not the perplexing multi-layered Ford Mann. The man has serious issues with his multiple personalities. As much as she is attracted to him with their undeniable connection, she can’t trust him to help her and he’s a distraction she can’t afford right now. So she finds another way to save herself and her sister. But in a desperate search for help, the monsters find her first.

Sparrow is the cocky bad boy, Sully always gets the girl because he’s “boyfriend material”, and Scout is the feral predator. The Mannford triplets are puppets for the manipulative and controlling Bryant Morelli. He holds their mother’s well-being over their heads if they don’t perform his nefarious deeds. So when Morelli gives them a new job to draw information from their new target, Landry Croft, they thought it would be easy, but she surprises them all with her grit and vulnerability. The three brothers become obsessed over their new mark which, from past experience, is a dangerous situation for all involved.

Wow! This is a dark and villainous story that I couldn’t put down. Landry is so brave and clearly will lay down her life for her little sister Della. Their father is a monster who abuses them both by holding them as prisoners in their home. The Mannford brothers are anti-heroes at best as they grow to care for Landry and Della in their own ways. The author does a great job showing how Landry affects each brother from keeping up with Sparrow’s cocky teasing to surviving Scout’s terrifying persona. Each one of these characters is dealing with demons, but Scout definitely is the one to watch. Did I mention there is a cliffhanger? It’s chilling and I can’t wait to see how the whole reveal plays out and how the precocious Della responds to all of this.

I highly recommend this dark romance with a hot mess of characters, a plot with many twists and turns, and let’s not forget a grumpy cat named Heathen. Book 2 here I come.

Thank you to Ms. Webster for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Triple Threat

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K WebsterK Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks. She lives in “”Tornado Alley”” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens.

You can easily find K Webster on her website, AmazonFacebook, Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bookbub, and Goodreads!

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