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Talk Flirty to Me by Livy Hart


I’ve got ninety-nine problems and my brother’s snarky, smart-mouthed best friend Sam is tangled up in every last one of them.

When it comes to firefighter Sam O’Shea, absence—and a regime of tactical avoidance—has been working for me juuust fine. But when the audition of a lifetime falls in my pathetically broke lap, and he’s the only one who can help me land the job, I’m willing to make a deal with the devil if it means I can kickstart my career as a narrator for audio books.

The problem? We’d have to actually do the job. Together. And then we’re told it’s for an erotic romance. Narrating steamy lines in a tiny studio with a man who lights a fire under your skin? An occupational hazard. Accidentally inciting a town scandal when your erotic audiobook clips wind up on the radio? A crisis. And falling for the one man I promised my brother—and my heart—I wouldn’t touch?

A disaster—and temptation—I can’t resist.


It was a delight to read a refreshing romantic comedy with a sexy no-nonsense firefighter/mayoral candidate and a people-pleasing, struggling voice actress who desperately needs a job even if she has to make a dubious deal with her ex to get it.

Piper Bellini is back home to take care of her pregnant mother, keep order in the chaotic Bellini household, and take stock in her struggling career as an audiobook narrator. Enter a life-changing career deal that comes along once in a lifetime and the momentous deal she makes with the ex who broke her heart so many years ago. Can she keep it professional or will their close proximity make them relive their past?

Sam O’Shea is a confident and focused firefighter who is planning to run for mayor, but he needs his ex’s help to convince her city councilwoman mother to endorse him. The mother who has hated him ever since the incident in high school when he broke her daughter’s heart. However, seeing his ex again has fired up the chemistry that flamed between them in high school and he must make a difficult choice.

The chemistry between Piper and Sam is through the roof and so delectable to watch. It seems the whole erotic audiobook brings their feelings and unfinished and lusty past teenage fumblings to a head. The sexy book readings idea is such a nice touch and a great way to get the emotions rolling between two people who never stopped loving each other. Piper is one who puts others before herself which is one of the problems of her past with Sam. Sam is an only child who is passionate about his career and what he wants to do for his city. His father is controlling and his mother is distant so he’s had only himself to depend upon. When he lost Piper and his best friend Caleb (Piper’s brother) in high school, he focused even harder on his goals. He didn’t know what he was missing until he connected with Caleb again and started working with Piper. When Sam has to make a choice between his new career goals and Piper, it is a turning point in their relationship. Ms. Hart’s debut novel is full of emotions from laughter to heartbreak and so much in between. I love stories with big loving families and the Bellinis fill the bill. They are zany and disorderly, but they stick together for the good and bad. Let me also say that the epilogue is one of the best declarations I’ve read. I can’t give it away, but sigh…. I love happily ever endings.

I loved this debut novel from the start. It captured my attention, made me laugh, cry, and had me falling for a yummy new book boyfriend.

Thank you to Ms. Hart for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectations of a positive review.


Talk Flirty To Me

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Romance author Livy Hart has two children, too many Funko Pops, and a husband who’s workin’ on the railroad—literally. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas where she enjoys long walks on the concrete and people-watching at malls so big they have their own zip codes. When she’s not writing, she’s bickering with her KitchenAid stand mixer, road-tripping to her sleepy Florida hometown, or sipping espresso on her Nonna’s porch.

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