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Liar by Nicola Lowe



Winner of a 5 Star Readers Favorite Seal and a 4 Star Literary Titans Book Award.

Amber Carmichael splits her time between her nursing career and community spirited acts of kindness. This life fulfils her; she has no interest in nightclubs or the men her friends tirelessly chase. The spark of attraction has never lit within her and of this, Amber is glad.

Until one day her dreams begin to shift; something deep in her subconscious begs to awaken.

This stirring within her attracts the attention of an enemy. An enemy she doesn’t know exists; a threat she can’t possibly hide from.

Because how do you hide from the one soul in the world who truly sees you?

A heart has to fall before it can soar.


Two gorgeous men with nefarious missions. One confused and innocent woman. Who is the liar?

This is my first Nicola Lowe novel and it is a beautiful romantic paranormal page-turner.

Amber is trapped between a forgotten past and an unattainable future. She’s a bereavement counselor and she loves her job. She has no time for men and romance. In fact, she’s never even kissed a man and she’s a virgin. Then the dreams start with a gorgeous blue-eyed man who happens to look a lot like the new hire at the hospice. He’s kind, attentive, and wants Amber. Then another man suddenly appears in her life. He’s vulnerable and charming and makes her feel safe. .  Two men vying for her love. Is it too good to be true?

Anwir is a man filled with rage and revenge and he has finally found the woman who was the center of his despicable father’s fuck up. He plans to fix his father’s mess and end her. But everything they said about her was wrong. She is beautiful and kind…and he can actually touch her without getting burned. Will he carry out his evil mission, or will her goodness overcome his need for vengeance?

This is a story about good and bad. You can’t judge a book by its cover and as the author peels back the layers of Amber, Anwir, and Ben, it makes for a suspenseful and surprising happily ever after.  Amber is a truly lovely person who innocently trusts two strangers with dark secrets. Ben and Anwir are not who they seem and I was happy that Amber trusted her instincts in choosing the right one. Anwir is a bad boy who grew on me the more he fell for Amber. His loving words and gentleness with her are lovely as his bad persona essentially disappeared the longer he is around her.  However, their forbidden love seems impossible when the truth comes out. The finale is an eye-opener and some tears were shed, but it was well worth the heartache to see the protagonists get the happiness they deserved.

There were few supporting characters such as the feisty Ellie, Amber’s co-worker, and Amani, a past patient and friend who gives Amber her second chance. And of course, there is a vile antagonist who gets his just desserts.

What a lovely paranormal romance with heavenly and hellish tendencies. I guarantee you will fall in love with the characters as they battle the odds and find their peace.

Thank you to Ms. Lowe for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.



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Nicola Lowe is a pure romantic and has been that way for all of her forty years. She is happiest when curled up with a glass of white wine and a very romantic book. Liar is her first paranormal romance, following the success of her Contemporary Romance books.


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