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Too Hot To Hate (Small Town Heroes #1) by Summer Brooks


He’s less of a boss and more of a robot.
He hovers around me like I’m dumb.
Like I’m incapable of completing my tasks.
But I also can’t resist the way he looks at me.
That annoyingly gorgeous face.
Those piercing eyes.
That attitude.

When he kissed me, I felt as if I’d never been kissed before.
Apparently, grumpy human robots make excellent kissers.
But does that matter?
I still hate him.
I still want to quit my job.

And the one thing I want the most… is for him to prove me wrong.
Could Mr. Robot really be my Mr. Right?

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I liked the concept of this story because hate-to-love is normally hot, but I felt the characters just didn’t have that spark. I felt the character-building needed work, especially with some surprises from Oliver’s background which just wasn’t clarified in the beginning. The characters are unlikable considering they are immature and lacking substance. Oliver has no hobbies other than being a “jerkface workaholic” and I couldn’t get a gauge on Jennifer on how she could be happy being an assistant’s assistant when acting is her passion.

Ms. Brooks writes about romance in the workplace with the whole enemies-to-lovers, boss/employee theme, but the attraction and character development fell short for me. Despite my trepidation with this book, I plan to read the rest of the series.


Too Hot To Hate

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