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Mafia Target (The Kings of Italy #4) by Mila Finelli



I’ve renounced my birthright as the heir to an Italian mafia empire, but no one leaves the brotherhood without paying a price. To evade my enemies, I stay on the move. Now a new man is stalking me, watching me. But there’s something else in his eyes, a hunger that sets me on fire. He’s rough and dangerous, all the things I crave in the dark. Except he’s been hired to kill me. I shouldn’t want him. But I do.

They say to keep your enemies close. So that’s exactly what I’m planning. Beware the hunted who becomes the hunter…


I live in the shadows, the assassin they never see coming. I’m the best, but Giulio is my weakness. I need him in ways I can’t begin to explain. He might run, but I’ll follow him to the ends of the earth. And if others try to hurt him, I’ll protect him with my last breath. Except I’m hiding a secret, one that will cost me everything. I should walk away, but I can’t.

Even if it’s my undoing.

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Mafia Target is the fourth book in The Kings of Italy series and my first book by this author. This book can definitely be read as a standalone. I chose this book because of the intriguing plot about an attraction between an assassin and his target and it did not disappoint.

Giulio Ravazzani is the Italian prince who abdicated and gave up his crown. He is a gay man who left the mafia and is now on the run to stay alive and keep his family safe after a car bomb killed his love, Paolo. He leads a lonely life constantly moving around the globe using aliases, making lucrative drug deals, and hooking up with strangers at night clubs until a handsome and deadly man changes his plans.

Alessandro (Alessio) Ricci excels at being a killer. He was a decorated sniper in the Italian Army and is now make fuck lots of money as an assassin. He is the best at what he does until he missed a target after being distracted by a gorgeous man who happened to be the target’s son. Now karma has come back to bite him when his next target is the man he wants. However, this is a job to him. He is collecting a paycheck. The target is beautiful. It’s a shame he has to kill him.

The tension is so hot as Alessio and Guilio circle each other. Alessio’s story is so heartbreaking with parents who didn’t want him and who made him feel unloved. He was a quiet and awkward young boy who felt he was a disappointment to his father who thought he wasn’t normal.  His silence is what makes him so deadly and so compelling. Apparently, I like the strong, silent type.  Alessio’s pursuit is exciting as we see his skills at work. His unusual seduction of Guilio is a thing of beauty. I like that Guilio brings out feelings in Alessio so much that the normally quiet and careful man can’t stop expressing them.

Guilio is the opposite of Alessio with his charm and magnetism. However, Guilio is mafioso so he enjoys the thrill of killing. So much so, that Alessio’s deadly intentions turn him on. The slow downfall of these two men is inevitable as they butt heads at first and call a truce for a month to satisfy their attraction to each other. Love was not something they had considered because of their circumstances and there’s the fact that Alessio has an unforgivable secret. I was angry and heartbroken about how it was revealed. It seemed like they would not have a chance after all until love prevailed. Yet, there is a cliffhanger that had me wondering what will happen next.

I highly recommend this gripping plotline filled with angst, action, sizzling chemistry, and romance. The characters are well-developed and engaging as they fight their attraction and face their challenges. On to book 1 for me.

Thank you to Ms. Finelli for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.

Kings of Italy Series:

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Mafia Target

Mafia Target by Mila Finelli is now live!

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Mila FinelliA USA Today bestselling author in another genre, Mila finally decided to write the filthy mafia kings she’s been dreaming about for years. She’s addicted to coffee, travel and Roy Kent.

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