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Another Time, Another Place by Jo Lovett

Another Time Another Place


Has someone ever come into your life and you thought, what if you’d had the chance to get to know one another better? Would we be together?

When Liv finds herself locked in a shed with handsome stranger Ben (after both trying to rescue the same cat), the instant connection they make feels like fate had a hand in it. Has Liv finally found her perfect match?

But everything about the timing means there’s no way they can be together. Not least because Ben has a girlfriend and Liv is moving to Paris the next day.

Over the coming years their paths weave in and out of each other’s lives – together, but always fleetingly.

If only they could stop missing each other, who knows what fate may have in store for them…


Yowsa! Eight years of waiting. This book read like One Day which I reviewed years ago. However, the ending was much better.

Liv and Ben are strangers who met by accident locked in an abandoned building. The attraction is instant, but the timing is bad. Over the course of eight years, fate has brought them together sometimes across a crowded station, sometimes at a party, and lastly avoiding wedding celebrations for friends and family where the connection is finally acted upon. Then after six unforgettable nights and a loving admission from Ben, he disappears. WTF?!  With a plethora of emotions hitting her all at once, Liv is determined to get closure, but she knows very little about Ben. What is he hiding?

Liv is a foody who has finally found her dream job and she has a good support system of family and friends. Liv is smart, fun, and independent. I respect how she bounces back from setbacks and moves on. Her persistence to learn the truth about Ben’s secrets is another admirable trait about her after he ghosts her. Ben is reserved, kind, and conflicted. He fell in love with Liv at first sight, but he can’t be with her. Is it a good reason? Perhaps, but I can’t give the secret away, so you’ll have to determine that yourself by reading the book.

This love story is slow at first as we watch Liv grow and become a confident and savvy woman. The chemistry between Liv and Ben is very strong. Watching them fight it and form misunderstandings that keep them apart way too long is frustrating, but I couldn’t wait to find out what Ben was concealing.

If you believe in fate and love at first sight, give this captivating story a try. You won’t be able to put it down.

Thank you to Ms. Lovett for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.



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Jo was runner-up in the Good Housekeeping/ Orion First Novel Competition 2018 and shortlisted for the Comedy Women in Print Award 2019. She lives in London with her family. She started writing romantic comedy when she realised that she was regularly begging her oldest son to let her do his English homework but wasn’t actually very interested in haunted houses or Macbeth analysis. When she can escape her laundry mountain, she enjoys reading, tennis and wine.

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