Book Review, Contemporary, Relationships, Romance

One Day by David Nicholls

Emma and Dexter meet in college, have one night together, and become good friends.  Being friends is not Emma’s choice, but Dexter’s playboy lifestyle and irresponsible attitude are what they are.  The book gives us a look at what Emma and Dexter are doing on July 15 of every year from the day they meet in 1988 through 2007.  We see their struggles in life and relationships and how they help each other out through it all.

Personally, I found them both to be immature throughout, especially Dexter, and the book seemed to drag on too long.  I felt for Emma during her struggles, but I could care less about Dexter.  I guess raising these emotions in a reader is what the writer intended to do, so it worked for me.

There are a few funny moments, but I found the story pretty sad.  Now a major motion picture.

Thanks to BookBrowse for giving me the opportunity to review this book.