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Stuck With You by Aimee Brown

Stuck With You


Jade Monroe has finally found the man of her dreams.

Or has she? Despite them being newly engaged, her fiancé Conner has suddenly gone radio silent. And even though her family are all giving her the same advice, (he’s just not that into you) she’s not convinced. Cue her friends who can see something she can’t.

River Matthews has always been his authentic self, without apologies. Honest to a fault, light-hearted & a little lonely. Currently he’s the last single standing in his group of friends & he’s starting to feel his ‘biological’ clock ticking. He’s got close to happily-ever-after before, but now it’s once-bitten-twice-shy, and the only way he’s going to find ‘the one’ is if he takes a chance.

The wisdom goes that if you just stop looking, your perfect partner will appear, but who will be there when Jade and River stop searching for ‘the one’?

Sexy, sassy and downright irresistible, the brand-new friends-to-lovers romance perfect for fans of Sariah Wilson, Lindsey Kelk and Abby Jiminez.


I adore Aimee Brown’s endearing characters and winning love stories. I  laughed through the entire book.

From the impromptu marriage proposal from the douche canoe at Chuckie Cheese to the unromantic anti-dating misadventures between two people meant for each other, this romantic comedy kept me smiling and cheering for a happy ending.

Jade Monroe is engaged to Conner, the man of her dreams (or so she thinks) who she has known for all of two months while he was on break from college. Now he’s moved back East to study to be a doctor with an occasional text filled with unmeaningful emojis. And did I say, he didn’t give her a ring? Needless to say, Jade’s friends and family are not his fans. Especially the funny and sexy River Matthews who is bewitched by the beautiful hula bartender at the local Tiki bar and plans to woo her away from the obnoxious and douchey Connor. Connor actually asked River to keep an eye on her and text him if she has real issues. WTF? No way, Dude. Jade is out of Connor’s league and River is going to prove it.

Jade needs a fun platonic friend to hang out with and cheer her up and River is just the ticket. Call it unromantic anti-dating. Yeah, that goes as planned. NOT! I love Jade and River. They get each other. They have so much in common. River’s dope fashion sense and charming and witty personality are a great compliment to Jade’s kindness and cheery disposition. Their extremely funny banter alone is a reason to pick up this book. Add in Jade’s roommate Spike, the insulting Congo African gray parrot, the coronary express debacle, River’s tribute to one of my favorite movies, “Say Anything”, and I was sold. The vibe is right with these two and if anyone deserves a happy ending, it’s them.

The friends and family of Jade and River are weird, loving, and outrageously funny doling out good advice and much love for the couple. My favorite part is their words describing the repulsive Connor which are on point! Douche canoe, cock-monger, tool, and River’s nickname for him “Corndog”. LOL 

Pick up this remarkably funny and delightful book filled with heart and true love. It’s going on my favorite books list. Also, check out my review on Ms. Brown’s, Love Notes, which tells Mercy and Brooks’ love story.

Thank you to Ms. Brown for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Author Aimee BrownAimee Brown is the bestselling romantic comedy author of several books including The Lucky Dress. She’s an Oregon native, now living in a tiny town in cold Montana and sets her books in Portland.

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