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An Earl to Remember (Unforgettable Love #2) by Stacy Reid


Miss Georgianna Eleanor Heyford may be naught but a gentleman’s daughter, but even she’s heard the rumors about the Earl of Stannis’s exceptional charm and good looks. Surely she can cater his luxurious yacht party without getting swept away. But a terrible misunderstanding leaves Georgianna fired, furious, and with little recompense. Which is precisely when her opportunity for vengeance washes ashore…

Daniel Rutherford, the Earl of Stannis, has absolutely no memory of who he is. They tell him he must have fallen overboard, and the only person he seems to recognize is the lovely Georgianna—who strikes a chord of familiarity…and the faintest memory of heating his blood. Only now this inelegant, poorly dressed woman claims to be his wife!

But the truth is, Georgianna is finally getting her revenge. The dashing earl will work off the money he owes her and no one will be the wiser. Except the longer he stays with her and her younger sisters, the more it feels like he belongs there. And that perhaps he’d find a forever place in Georgianna’s heart…at least, until his memory returns…


Ms. Reid’s tangled web of deception and intrigue is delicious and cringe-worthy as we watch Miss Georgianna Heyford dig herself deeper into a dyer predicament involving the outrageously arrogant Earl of Stannis.

It wasn’t a husband and child she had hopelessly yearned for, but the means to provide for her family that did not rely on a gentleman finding her meager connections worthy.

Miss Georgianna Heyford promised her grieving father she would take care of her three sisters at any cost. So when an opportunity arose to cook for an event on a scandalous Earl’s ship, she jumped at the chance. The money would help fix their home and put food on their table, and her excellent cooking skills would be sought after by wealthy clientele.  However, after some serious heated looks with the Earl, sudden unexpected chemistry, and a jealous lover, she is unfairly dismissed without full pay. Payback is a bitch, buddy.

How truly wicked could one gentleman be?

Daniel Rutherford, the Earl of Stannis, is a shocking and wicked man who takes what he wants and leaves ruination and wreckage in his wake. So when he shows up washed ashore with no idea who he is, imagine his surprise when a young woman claims him as her husband who lives in a rundown manor with three sisters-in-law, an unpleasant chicken, and a stubborn cow. Bloody hell, how poor were they?

What I liked about this story was watching Daniel change from an entitled asshole to a diligent working man and a dedicated “husband” to Georgianna. It took a while to win me over because he was such a condescending jackass, but I loved his playful interactions with the sisters as well as his natural instinct to protect all of them. He’s damn sexy too as he honors Georgianna’s wishes and lets her set the pace.

Georgianna’s battle with herself in duping Daniel is written very well. Her kindness and devotion to her sisters are honorable and it is hard for her to continue to keep Daniel’s identity a secret (though he did need taken down a few pegs). I was proud of her for finally choosing her self-respect over being his mistress. It came down to the last minute to see if Daniel would finally wake the fuck up and it made me laugh when he ran her down and confessed his feelings.

Family members are always a plus as supporting characters and Georgianna’s sisters are adorable. Not to mention the menagerie of quirky animals who made Daniel’s life interesting.

I am delighted to recommend yet another Stacy Reid historical romance that will make you laugh, cry, and love seeing a jerk fall in love against his will.

Thank you to Ms. Reid for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.

Unforgettable Love Series

1.  A Matter of Temptation (2022)
2.  An Earl to Remember (2023)


An Earl to Remember

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